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How Do We Manifest Inanimate Objects?

Updated: May 1, 2020

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

Do you believe there is something in this world that is inanimate? Think again. Take a rock and place it under an amplifying microscopic machine. What do you see? You see particles moving. That means there is energy inside the rock. Where there is motion and movement, there is energy.

Now, look again. What else do you notice? The particles are moving in a particular order. Particles of the same charge repel each other. Particles of opposite charge or gender attract each other. That means there is an intelligence at work in the rock. This intelligence is called cosmic intelligence.

Now, what is Life? Life is the combination of energy and intelligence. The rock is alive. Metals are alive. Everything came from life and therefore is alive. The effect must resemble the intrinsic nature of the cause. The outcome must carry the quintessence of the outcome. Life cannot create inertia or death.

There are different degrees of intelligence in everything which gives the illusion that certain objects are inanimate. The level of intelligence conditions the quality and the quantity of animation. Yet, everything is alive.

Ask Google:

Definition of inanimate. 1 : not animate: a : not endowed with life or spirit an inanimate object. b : lacking consciousness or power of motion an inanimate body.

Google Answer Stops Here

You can see from google's answer that the general definition of something being animated is based on the power of motion that things must have to move from one place to another on their own.

So, with that understanding, if we ask: Can we attract or manifest inanimate objects, we will automatically understand the question this way: Can we cause inanimate objects--like a car--to appear in our garage from the dealership through self-motion?

The answer is NO if you want to manifest things the right way. The answer is YES if you want to apply magic by forcing the laws of the universe. Everything is possible. Never forget that. Now, let's learn to manifest the right way.



What you understand about yourself becomes your consciousness, and your consciousness forms your personality. The more you understand your divine self, the more you become conscious of it; and only then do you manifest it as your personality. Your divine self has the character of God. Understanding God is to know your true Self. This is the doorway to happiness. The old self, or the false self, is the creation of your carnal mind. It is not the creation of God. God created our divine authentic Self: Christ. We have created the false self through a false light, or sight. (Excerpts: Secrets To Divine Manifestations) Learn More

Let's read this again

Can we cause inanimate objects--like a car--to appear in our garage from the dealership through self-motion? The answer is NO if you want to manifest things the right way. The answer is YES if you want to apply magic by forcing the laws of the universe. Everything is possible. Never forget that. Now, let's learn to manifest the right way.

To manifest things the right way is to follow the law of growth and awakening. What you want should cause you to grow and awake. What good is it if you are going to manifest something without you having to grow as a human being and be awakened as a spiritual traveler on a very important mission on earth?

To manifest requires that you learn about yourself, others, life, the universe, God, and the laws of nature. Isn't this exciting? Why then would anyone want to skip this great process that makes of us great servants to others? Any ways you will find to manifest that will dim the light of your soul is not worth having.

Our desires force us to know ourselves and go through the rebirth experience. Yes we want to manifest money and many other things, but learning about finances, becoming more financially responsible, and knowing how to invest and budget money are tremendous gifts of life no one should ever sacrifice on the cursed altar of greed, impatience and dark magic.



We can only manifest ourselves as Love by sending out through the consciousness of the omnipresence of God, light of Love and life of love. Thoughts are made of lights, because they are made of ideas. Ideas are like small lights. The ideas of Love form the thought of Love in us. Thoughts as well as ideas are from intelligence. Intelligence is the source of all lights.

Every thought is a living substance, because every idea is filled with energy. Life is energy. Feelings and emotions are forms of energy. Emotions are energy-in-motion. To manifest ourselves as Love, we must simply live out the ideas of Love we have within us with full emotion. (Excerpts: Secrets To Divine Manifestations) Learn More

Through learning we are reborn into more mature and awakened bodies during our earthly experience. This is our highest mission. Then our wisdom becomes a legacy to pass on to others. This is true service. This is a call for love.

The more things you desire, the more growth and awakening you have to go through. That's why you should never put a limit to the amount of wealth you can have. You should always desire more and more to share. Always.

When we are playing small under the spell of false humility, we never grow beyond our ego. Dare to want to make more money. Dare to want the most expensive things in life. Dare to dream so big that it will force you to learn, grow as a leader, develop people's skills, and overcome adversities as a true being of light and love.

Yes we can manifest anything we want. What you want is connected to someone who is a potential friend, a potential wife, a potential husband, a potential business person, a potential good Samaritan, a potential adviser, a potential client, a potential referral, a potential advertiser, a potential marketing person, etc.

What you want is already here on earth, connected to someone or a group of people who will show up in your life with various tools, resources, advises, information, connections, deals, and many other ways to bring to you what it is that you want.

So many people out there are waiting to meet someone like you. As you grow, develop, and become awakened, the universe will co-create with you the opportunities to have what you want in the most thrilling and exciting way.

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1 Comment

Herlay Divine-Paul
Herlay Divine-Paul
Apr 17, 2020

So profound! The more we want, the more we have to grow. There is no short cut! Thank you, father 🙏🏾❤️

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