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P5: The 7 Obstacles To Achievement

OBSTACLE FIVE Ignorance Of Spiritual Laws

The ignorance of spiritual laws has caused so many people to have it all to lose it all. The belief that hard work and will power are the main factors to achieve your goal in life is a very dangerous mindset.

Nothing on the planet is manifesting its ultimate achievement without the co-creating power of spiritual laws. There is a God. There is a Universe, There are laws. There are psychic forces moving through our social space, broadcasted by many brain frequencies. Things don't just happen. Your hard work will always need a touch of grace.

You want to achieve a great harvest? You may buy the field, clean the field, dig holes, and plant the seeds, but you can't make the sun shine, the rain fall, and force mother nature to nurture your seeds to have a healthy harvest. This is a lesson to learn. Anything we force comes out unhealthy or fails to last.

The laws of the universe must be obeyed and respected. The moment you begin to step over your boundaries and try to do more than you are supposed to, you create unbalance and draw upon yourself a karmic consequence. You need to know where you should stop and where God should begin. This is an important awareness that most people ignore.

By stepping over their boundaries many people have lost their health trying to achieve their dreams. They damaged their self-image and self-esteem, lost their marriage and family, and even lost their health and dearest friends.

During our next retreat/webinar, where we get to help the participants experience--maybe for the first time--the power of creating the life of their dreams in the most artistic and cosmically lawful way, we will teach the laws of the universe and how you can obey them to facilitate the achievement of your desires.

We hope to see you on the screen. (Access Retreat/Webinar Page)

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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