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Why Do I Still Feel Blockages To My Manifestations

We pray because we want to manifest or create. To manifest is to create. Manifestation is not about luck or chance. It is not magic. If you have the belief in luck and chance, then that could be one of the reasons why your prayers are not answered or your manifestations are not coming to pass.

To manifest is not magic. It is not a matter of chance or luck. If you believe that asking and receiving are about randomness, you are wrong, then this could be another reason why you are not seeing the result you want.

You should never disconnect yourself, your growth, your involvement, and your evolution from the process of creating, praying, or manifesting. God has placed laws in the universe to help you create or co-create what you want with these laws.

The farmer cleans the ground, digs the holes, and plants the seeds. Then the universe provides the sun, the rain, and the right weather to make the seeds become a harvest. This is co-creating at its best.

If the farmer does not do his or her part, he or she is believing in gambling, randomness, chance, luck, and magic. You are the magic. You are the chance. You are the luck.

If you provide the seeds (intentions that become vibrations in your aura and fall into the atmosphere or the ether--cosmic soil), then the law of attraction, the law of serendipity, the law of synchronicity, the law of sowing and reaping, and the law of cause and effect will go to work and make your manifestations come true.

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