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How The Law Of Attraction Works

A piece of magnet cannot attract a piece of wood. To attract is to pull toward oneself. A magnet will pull a piece of metal toward itself. How? Because they have a magnetic compatibility. A flower will pull a bee. Sweet will pull ants. There is law of attraction all over nature.

You cannot pull or attract what is not in the same magnetic compatibility as you. There is something inside the magnet that creates the magnetic field that pulls the metal. There has to be something inside you that creates the magnetic field (aura) around you that pulls what you want to attract toward you.

If what is inside you (beliefs, ideas, concepts, cultures, mindsets, and feelings) is not compatible with what you want to attract or pull, there is no way you will pull it toward you. This is the law of justice.

Yet, you may pull other things that are in the same magnetic compatibility as what is inside you--even if you don't want to pull them. Some call this "bad luck". There is no luck or chance.

You are always pulling onto something or someone and something or someone is always pulling onto you. To pull what you want you have to change your internal vibrations made of your subconscious beliefs, ideas, cultures, thoughts, concepts, mindsets, and feelings).

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