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P4: The 7 Obstacles To Achievement

OBSTACLE FOUR Self-Image Your self-image is the way you deeply feel about yourself. Your mind will not give you access to the vision of a life that does not match your deepest feeling about yourself. You see the world through the way you feel about yourself. You make decisions through the way you feel about yourself. You make choices through the way you feel about yourself.

The way you feel about yourself chooses your career for you. The way you feel about yourself determines your income bracket. What you can do or cannot do is coming from the way you feel about yourself. The way you currently feel about yourself is who you are at the moment.

People who don't feel great about themselves create excuses to stay small and settle for less. Less and small feel comfortable to them and to them that's success. Anything beyond that emotional comfort is threatening to their survival. Their low self-image is their default survival safety zone. Something inside them is telling them not to go further than this or they will face a danger. So they obey.

They cannot produce beyond their self-image. You cannot project a poor self into a palace. Neither can you project a great self into a bungalow. A beggar-self-image will never feel like a king in a royal garment. But a king will always feel like a royalty in a beggar's rags. The good news is you can design yourself to fit the dream you hold dear to your heart. Everyone can do it. But not everyone will do it.

Achievement is ascension into another level of inner power. Each new level of achievement requires a new version of you and a new vision for life. But you cannot see further than the image you subconsciously hold about yourself.

Personal Development is the essence of self-image upgrade. Those who fall behind are those who won't grow themselves. The upgraded version of you will never be satisfied with average goals.

A low and poor self-image are not just self-destructive delusional diseases, they are the reason people become bitter and resentful toward those who succeed; because they remind them of who they could have been. Join us on our next event about discovering your calling and harnessing your gifts to upgrade and update your self-image for greater achievements in your life.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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