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HEALTH: Perfect Vision For Your Health

Your brain, your heart, your gut, your blood, and the rest of your body make up the only vehicle you have available on earth to move around, to earn money, to connect to others, and to fulfill your dream.

You must take care of your three brains and your body. It's not a choice. It is an act of self-love and at the same time your duty. You need your body and your body needs you. So, you want to take the month of March to work on your health.

If you found this article by chance, make sure you read the previous ones in order to understand the concept of Perfect Vision.

So, when we are talking about health, we are talking about your mental health, your emotional health, spiritual health, and your physical health. The secret to make any change in your health platform is to ask yourself how you would like to feel in your body and about your body.

One must be aware that the way you feel about your body, what you say about your body, and what you feel about your body, generates vibrations into your biofield which in turn weakens your immune system to cause the body to be sick.

If any part of your body has been abused or touched the wrong way, that part of your body and the energy field around it will hold that toxic energy which will cause diseases to installed themselves in your body.

Your body is the entrance and the exit of energies. Your body can block your "luck" if you have not been treating it right and will attract detrimental vibrations if you have been abusing it.

Your three brains and your body form a serious broadcasting station that brings to you the events of your life through the law of attraction. They are receivers and senders of information.

Health is a very important aspect of your life. You have to create your own health plan and your own diet must become your primary health insurance. You have to be trained to eat for nourishment more than for taste. Your motivation to do things depends on your diet. Certain foods cause the brain not to release creative and happy chemicals.

There is a whole science behind your health and your body wisdom that we would like to share with you. If you want to experience vibrant health, let us know. We are here to help and to assist you.

Feel free to also attend our next retreat to hear more about prioritizing your health and making it your sacred calling. We will teach you about different plants, herbs, exercises, vitamins, and the power of fasting and how to fast the right way with the right juicing and water program. We have so much to share with you. We can help you design your own health plan as well as your healthy lifestyle.

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