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RELATIONSHIPS: Perfect Vision About Others

Relationships are vital aspects of our lives. We have lovers, acquaintances, friends, co-workers, family members, children, and parents. For the month of February, you would want to take the weeks of the month to determine the type of energy you would like to experience in all your relationships.

Once you decide on one specific energy, you will become centered and keep your integrity which means being the same with everyone. This is important so that your psyche is not split as well as your aura, which could leads to you being anxious, unhappy, sick, and exhausted. You want to be ONE with everyone.

There is power in focused energy which is also known as being intentional. When you know the energy you would like to deliver in your relationships, and you are intentional about delivering it, you will find so much peace of mind and empowerment to speak your truth and honor your soul.

People pleasing comes from wanting to deliver different energies or feelings in different relationships. This will cause you to leave your home. Home is this place within you that feels safe and powerful.

You want to feel enough but not arrogant. Feeling enough means you depend on you to provide you love, security, and self-care. You know longer wait for someone to change or something to change before you can be happy.

So you want to take the weeks of February to have a perfect vision of the feeling or the energy you would like to deliver in your relationships and practice it intentionally. If you found this article randomly, make sure you read the article on SELF: Perfect Vision Of You.

The energy you want to deliver is how you want people to feel when you show up. For example, over the course of many years we were able to design five feelings that we activate in people when we show up.

You should start with one. feeling or energy The energy we came to deliver on earth which we deliver daily is BEWAM. It means making people feel Beautiful, Extraordinary, Wonderful, Amazing, and Magnificent.

So when we show up, we intentionally create those feelings in people. As a result, people use the same words to talk about us. Why? Because we are always the same. That's the power of integrity, keeping yourself ONE at home (in your heart).

We deliver the same feelings to each other in our marriage as well. This wisdom we are sharing with you now will keep your psyche open for divine insights and will keep your aura positively magnetic and attractive. It will cancel the fear of talking to people. It will remove shyness out of your body. It will empower you to connect and to become a leader. You will begin to feel so good in your body.

Sufferings come in relationships because of four needs. The need to be liked, the need to be respected, the need to be right, and the need to be loved. If it is a need it will create suffering. Relationships are about chemistry. If your dominant energy is red and the other person's energy is yellow, the relationship is bound to be orange. This is common sense.

It is impossible for the relationship to remain orange if your dominant energy becomes blue or the other person's dominant energy changes color. If you need assistance setting your dominant energy in order to know how to deliver it in your relationships, do not hesitate to book an hour session with us. We also have a Romantic Casual Talk event coming up. Let's connect. Let's meet.

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