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SELF: Perfect Vision Of You

Your vision of life is created by your vision of yourself. Remember, you are the one experiencing your life. Your experience of life is processed through the senior feeling you hold about yourself.

What is your senior feeling? Let's say you have multiple feelings about yourself. The one feeling that generates more emotional reaction in your body is your senior feeling.

That senior feeling is your self-image. It is what determines what you believe you can do or not be able to do. Faith or doubt, courage or fear, they all flow out of the senior feeling you hold about yourself--mostly subconsciously.

To start anything new or to start the new year, you want to have a perfect vision of the senior feeling you want to hold about yourself. If the current senior feeling you hold about yourself is not positive, you can change it, And we will show you now.

Do you want to know why people make decisions but don't follow through? Do you want to know why people purchase training materials but don't use them? Do you want to know why people make new years resolutions but can't achieve them or buy books but don't read them?

The one (in them) who made the previous decision is not the one (in them) who cancels the decision later on. Do you want to know why it is hard for people to change? Well, you guessed it right. They have not changed their senior feeling about themselves.

You can also detect and locate your senior feeling by noticing the default emotion that shows up in your body whenever you face challenges or difficult situations. Self-observation is required for this.

Your senior feeling is your most used major self that is running your life, your business, your marriage, your decisions, your health, your choices, you money, and your future. The good news is you can redesign your senior feeling thus re-create your major self and change your life.

Here are the few questions you want to think about. What type of lifestyle do you have right now and what senior feeling has created that lifestyle? Next, what type of lifestyle would you like to have and what type of senior feeling you need to awaken in you to create that new lifestyle for you? These are important questions.

Every new level of your life, your career, your relationship, your finances, and your health requires that you design a new version of yourself. Your outside life won't change until your inside life is transformed. And it does not require a lot of work. All you have to do is to ask yourself: How would I like to feel about me most of the time? That's it.

Find a word that represents the way you want to feel about yourself most of the time. It's free to choose your senior feeling. There are no restrictions. If you feel limited to choose a powerful senior feeling, that's your old less positive senior feeling that is creating that resistance. Go ahead and do it anyway. That will be your perfect vision for the year.

You could choose from the following examples of senior feelings:

Powerful, Unlimited, Enthusiastic, Kind, Determined, Loving, Unbeatable, and much more. It does not matter. If you feel intimidated or resistance, that's the one you should actually pick. We know so from experience. It has to feel and sit right with you and the senior feeling has to be able to accomplish the things you want to accomplish this year.

Your perfect vision of yourself or your senior feeling could be the sole decision you make in January 2020 to build and establish. Take these four weeks of January 2020 to do that. Do not neglect to do this. Don't waste the majority of your energy trying to fix things outside or change anyone outside. It won't work. We have tried. We failed many times. Now, we know the way.

If you need assistance detecting or creating your senior feeling in order to design the right self-image that will give you the life you desire to have, use the link below to schedule a 1 hour session with us. We are here for you, to assist you, love on you, and uplift you, and coach you to live up to your highest potential. You deserve more than you know. If nothing changes inside you now, everything is going to be the same. You can also book our upcoming spiritual retreat where we will be sharing more about creating Perfect Vision.

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