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Getting Unstuck

The joy we feel from not being stuck is priceless. Being sure about what we want increases our sense of aliveness and wellness. But when we feel restricted by the mind and trapped in a disabled space we feel confused and deeply depressed. So, getting oneself unstuck is returning to that space within where we feel alive and well again.

To get unstuck it is important to understand how we get stuck. Here are a few myths about what causes us to get stuck:

Myth 1: We are stuck because we don't know what we want.

Myth 2: We are stuck because we can't make a decision

Myth 3: We are stuck because we have too many options to choose from

Myth 4: We are stuck because we are afraid of an outcome

Myth 5: We are stuck because we lack resources

Myth 6: We are stuck because we made a bad choice

Myth 7: we are stuck because we don't know what to do

Have you realized that no one plans to actually be stuck. It just happens right? You just find yourself in that space without even knowing how you got there. If any of the above myths were true anyone could get himself or herself unstuck. How is it that we usually can't? It is because the real reason is not known to us.

Here is the funny part. All the above myths are actually the consequences or symptoms of being stuck. See how it makes sense with the simple truths below:

Truth 1: We don't know what we want because we are stuck

Truth 2: We can't make a decision because we are stuck

Truth 3: We have too many options to choose from because we are stuck

Truth 4: We are afraid of an outcome because we are stuck

Truth 5: We lack resources because we are stuck

Truth 6: We made a bad decision because we were stuck

Truth 7: We don't know what to do because we are stuck

The above myths are actually symptoms of being stuck not the causes of being stuck. Most of the time people will already be in the stuck-space long time ago but they won't even know it until one of the symptoms above shows up.

You can be living in the stuck-space and not know for years until something brings it to your attention. Humans are good at numbing themselves from what is painful to notice. Especially if you have happy routines, you won't know that you were in a stuck-space until a challenge comes to open your eyes.

Being stuck is due to what we call a repetitive regressive reconsideration (RRR). Pay attention here. To reconsider something is to give it a second thought or edit the first thought which often leads to a change of mind or a change of choice. For example, if I were to ask you, "Do you want a hot chocolate?" And you say "Yes"; then after a few second you stop me and said, "You know what? I will prefer a Coffee instead," you have just reconsidered your first choice.

Regression means moving backward. You see, buying you the hot chocolate has not happened yet before you changed it to a cup of coffee. But, if something already happened and you went back to reconsider it, we call it a regressive reconsideration. Your mind moved backward in time to edit your first choice. It could feel like regret but it is more than that.

The act of going back in time to reconsider a decision or a choice repeatedly is what we call repetitive regressive reconsideration (RRR). When we train our mind to do this multiple times usually innocently and unconsciously, the mind turns it into a habit by developing neuropathways to support it.

Our will power could be trapped within these neuropathways for years without us knowing until we are confronted by a decision to make, and we feel ourselves powerless, disabled, inadequate, incapable, confused, resourceless, and totally dis-empowered to make that decision. Those are the times we think we are stuck. But we have been stuck at the mental and physiological ways long time ago through RRR. We just did not know.

So, what you will need to do is to undo the neuropathways that support the stuck-space in the brain. The issue of being stuck is more physiological than just psychological; yet also very easy to cure. The method to cure it we call it Repetitive Progressive Reconsideration (RPR).

The results of RPR are just amazing. Anyone deserves to apply RPR on themselves to get themselves unstuck even before a challenge shows up. RPR will open up your mind to many possibilities to get out of a situation that at first appeared unsolvable.

With RPR you get to see with clarity what you are capable of; and you also gain the ability to make quick and fast decisions with no emotional confusion. As a matter of fact we have found out that this RPR technique we have invented increases people's Emotional Intelligence (EQ: Emotional Quotient) as well as their Intelligence Capacity (IQ: Intelligence Quotient).

RPR expands your mind and gives you another level of clarity all together. It raises your posture in public and allows you to speak with confidence and a solid conviction. You find yourself choosing out of many options what you need to move forward with ease and joy.

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