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March 2020 

May 2020

SPIRITUAL RETREAT | Transformative

The next transformative spiritual retreat is open for registration. To register to attend this retreat, use this link. 

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Jesus Was Never Poor | Upcoming Podcast 

Alain Dagba will be publishing a controversial and liberating podcast on the subject: Jesus Was Never Poor on Alain and Danielle's Ministry Website. The purpose of this truth to be revealed according to Alain, "is to help people break free from the poverty mindset and the wrong religious mindset about money. Click here to request a notification on the product. 

 Bible Devotion | Spiritual Understanding  

Alain and Danielle have published and will be publishing monthly devotions on their ministry's website for your enjoyment and spiritual enlightenment. Click here to read the current devotion on the subject of the truth that sets free. 

 A New Bible Translation | By Alain & Danielle  

Alain and Danielle are seriously working on publishing The Next Bible which is their practical translation of the New Testament to assist people with a clearer and more practical understanding of the teachings of Jesus and his Apostle to their day-to-day lives. Click here to request to be updated on The Next Bible Publication. 

Growth & Improvement

2020 - 2021

A NETWORK | More Leaders

Alain and Danielle are launching a Network Platform that will welcome different spiritual teachers, coaches, authors, educators, and counselors from all across the world. The purpose of the Network is to help those who have already hatched their dreams to access a larger audience and for those who have not yet hatched their dreams to find mentors to help them do so. COMING SOON 

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