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Surprised By Change, Rescued By A Choice

Change is inevitable. Those who are comfortable with routines never aspire to greatness. The forces of the universe demand that everything moves upward. To move upward is to rise. If you are not rising you are going against the cosmic stream. By going against the cosmic stream you are going against your own nature.

Everything in you wants to rise. But rising is a choice you have to make. When your routines become your way of life you are surprised by change. But when you are aware of the evolution of your own consciousness you can tell when change is coming.

Not knowing where one is in life and where one desires to be is a lethargic state of consciousness often compared to a sleeping state. Change is the cosmic stream bringing a wake up call upon the sleeping soul.

Souls that are awake create change and ask for change. But often time when change comes by surprise the sleeping souls fall into a state of panic and fear. For such souls the end of their routines is the end of the life they are used to. Now they are required by the forces of nature to make a choice. They are surprised by change, but they can rescue themselves by a choice.

Yet, this choice will mean they have to change. And this is where the souls that have been in a lethargic state for the longest time have the strongest resistance to what appears to them as evil.

Yes, they have been surprised by change. But they are more afraid of losing who they have always been even if this self they are afraid to lose has not been their best self. If you are reading this and you feel that this is talking to you, then change is calling you right in this moment.

Are you seeing change as evil right now? It does not matter in which manner the change has come upon you. Have you been surprised by it? Have you been aware of your soul evolution? Have you been progressing in life?

Have you mastered the distractions of the mind? Are there some characters and habits you need to let go of? Don't be delaying in making those changes with the desire to move upward and to evolve out of routines.

Remember that the forces of nature will not change their course to move downward for you. You have to change your course to flow with the universal upward movement of life. This is a cosmic requirement. And you have what it takes.

The only act that redeem souls from suffering is their willingness to change. It is a supreme choice. A cardinal demand from the laws of the cosmos. Because whether they choose to change or not, everything has to move upward.

The more they resist the cosmic stream of change the more pain they will have to experience--not from the forces of nature but from the mental disturbances caused by their own resistance and refusal to change with change.

The light of your consciousness must not be dimmed by distractions and useless activities that find their power in routines based on survival impulses. You are not here just to survive. You are here to live and live fully. And to live is to make conscious choices about small changes that will at first feel uncomfortable but will later on give you the glorious reward of happiness and bliss.

Today, make a decision to look at yourself. Make a decision to find the courage to see yourself and become fully aware of the habits that are keeping you asleep and weak. Make a decision to do something about them. Make a decision to ask the divine presence in you to bring the necessary people and resources your way to start making your upward movement.

Make a decision to remove all the toxic wires that have been chocking your life as shown in the above picture. Come face to face with the reality of what you need to change. Don't be afraid of it. Meet it face to face. Drop your defense mechanism against the fire of your own honesty. Let it burn you. Let it heal you.

Don't hide behind the soft deceiving compliments of the ego to keep you asleep still. Those soft deceiving complements that keep telling you that you have done your best, you have done what you could have done, and that you should be proud of yourself.

Yes, you should be proud of yourself. But don't let the ego use this deceiving compliments as a strategy to start killing you softly. Remember, everything has to move upward whether you want it or not. So, start moving forward. Let go of regret, guilt, and shame. Maybe that's where you should start.

If you are facing internal troubles right now, it is because part of your life and soul were falling asleep. The quicker we wake up as souls and we recognize this truth, the faster we heal and the sooner we get to experience the glory of true happiness and bliss. Wake up!

The Teachings Of Alain & Danielle

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Alain & Danielle
Alain & Danielle
Apr 02, 2020

"I hear you Sheri! It's an exciting time indeed. The time we learn to see our own face long enough to be able to recognize it in others when the wall of separation is lifted. Great sharing." Alain Dagba


Sheri Galvanized
Sheri Galvanized
Apr 02, 2020

I’m enjoying my time a lot. I get up early and brainstorm/ master mind. I work all day but at my own pace and interspersed with dance and exercise and kitty time. The work I’m doing now is preparing me for some cool things to come. Frankly, I’m excited but I do miss people’s faces sometimes.

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