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Quote: Creating Intuitive Miracles

A miracle is anything that can happen beyond the scope of your logical mind and beyond the radar of your reasonable expectations. It defies the natural and physical laws you are familiar with.


Spiritual Teachers, Life Coaches

Can intuitive miracles be created? YES. We have been creating intuitive miracles for more than a decade. It's fun and at the same time thrilling. The goal is to first know why you want to create the intuitive miracle. The why or the reason you want to create the intuitive miracle allows you to see the need of the miracle which enhances your desire to create one.

The need to create a miracle must precede the creation of the miracle and must be strong. When you are facing a situation that seems impossible to solve using all your natural and known resources, you need an intuitive miracle. When all possibilities are exhausted and it seems like there is no way out, you need an intuitive miracle.

When an intuitive miracle happens, you can't miss it. It is a solution or an answer that is dropped in your awareness out of nowhere that you could not have thought of by using your own logical thinking.

There are all sorts of miracles but they all follow the same law: The Law of Faith that is activated by your imagination. This is the second step. Your imagination has to see possibilities in the most exaggerated way to create an intuitive miracle. We will show you how. So, let's recap. First you have to feel the need for the miracle. Second, you have to see possibilities using your imagination in the most exaggerated way.

Lastly and thirdly, you have to want the outcome. Before you activate the law of faith using your imagination in the most exaggerated way, you must truly want the outcome of the miracle to bring you joy. You can't want the miracle just for the sake of wanting it or proving your ego capable. You have to really make sure the outcome is something you want and that will bring you joy.

Let's say you needed a job at a particular business location and everything is made clear that there is no way you could get a job in that business location. Before you apply the law of miracle, you must check your feelings to make sure you still desire to work there and your desire is still authentic, real, and joy-oriented.

Why is the miracle needed? The miracle is needed because your natural mind cannot see any possibilities. But your supernatural mind which is your imagination can create possibilities. This is how you do it. You will take a piece of paper (you can use a board) and do the following. Find a quiet place. Have a calm instrumental background music; then like a child you ask yourself this question:

What could be the most unrealistic ways for this situation to be solve or for this thing to happen. You start by saying and writing, the only way this could happen is if.... (complete your sentence with your most exaggerated imagination). Then you start listing all the options with no judgment. Be as creative as you want for at least 30 minutes straight and do not be too serious.

Be playful and have a lot of fun during the process. The secret is to make sure you have no distractions around at least for 1 hour straight. We will now give you an example from one of the many real events we have experienced to help you see the power of intuitive miracle.

There was a time we needed a bigger place to live. We gave our 6-week notice to the landlord and started to hunt for a house. Unfortunately we could not find any place we like. The landlord has already approved someone to take over our rent when we move on the 31st of that month. The end of the month came and we still cannot find a place. Then, we started the process of intuitive miracle.

What have you noticed? First, it was a situation where the miracle is needed or seriously needed. Second, the outcome is going to bring us joy and peace of mind. So, we started the process. We needed a place to move to in less than 32 hours and the landlord refuses to negotiate.

We put ourselves in a very relaxed mood and started to play with the list:

The only way we could find a place in 32 hours and move in is if God send his angels to carry us into our next new home we all our furnitures teleported.

The only way we could find a place in 32 hours and move in is if we meet this wealthy person who has an extra home he or she is not using and offers to have us live there temporarily.

The only way we could find a place in 32 hours and move in is if God allows us right now to have a supper power to build a brand new house on spot in less than 5 minutes.

As the list continues and we have exhausted all the exaggerated scenarios using our imagination and playfulness, our natural mind became expanded by our supernatural mind. Now, our awareness is large enough for the divine wisdom to drop-in the answer we needed that must obviously be outside our radar.

We have 24 hours to find a new place. But one of the things about this practice is it takes away anxiety and fears as well as assuming the worse case scenarios. Suddenly, a call came through. It was a male voice on the phone.

The person said his name was Richard and he was wondering if we were still looking for a place to rent. We do not remember previously calling this guy; yet again these things have happened to us many times.

We looked at each other and smiled. We called the kids and told them the work is done. Richard wanted us to come see the place. All we could say when we saw the place was OMG. It was a very luxurious place with amazing amenities the family can enjoy. Just as we have envisioned our new place to look like.

But before the call came through, we received the intuitive miracle not to attempt anything on our own, to stay still and do nothing to keep our awareness expanded. Because sometimes if you do anything against the intuitive miracle your have been given and you don't get the result, the natural mind will return and push away the work the supernatural mind has done and has started to produce telepathically in the universe. In less than 24 hours we found a beautiful and an amazing place and moved in. The details were even more supernatural. That part of the story will be for another time.

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