Our transformative spiritual retreat focuses on healing, awakening, happiness, and financial abundance through the secret wisdom of AURAGRAM.






Saturday, May 23, 2020 

Irvine, California


AURAGRAM Is A Guided Meditation Program Designed To Cleanse

Your Aura & Energy Centers From Negative Energies or "spirits"

Through Brain Re-Wiring.


The RESULTS are: 

Daily Enthusiasm,

Clarity & Peace Of Mind,


Better Connection with yourself, God, others,

and the laws of the universe. 

AURARAGRAM Is A Spiritual Brain Rewiring & Aura Cleansing Program To Awaken ENTHUSIASM - GOD WITHIN- Which We Believe Is The Missing Link To You Experiencing A Deeper Connection With Your True Self, Having Vibrant Health, Lasting Loving Relationships, And Financial Abundance. 

AURAGRAM is The Power To Awaken Enthusiasm- GOD WITHIN-Through The Power Of Saying YES To Ideas Infused With A High Frequency Of Love. YOU SIMPLY LISTEN & RESPOND AND WATCH THE MIRACLE UNFOLDS. 



What do people feel when you step into their space?

Have you thought about that?

What type of energy people read from your vibe or aura? 

Your aura is scientifically called these days your bio-field. 


Your aura starts from within you and then spreads outside your body. 


Your aura has the content of your conscious thoughts and unconscious beliefs.


Your aura sends out your prayers or cancels them out.


 Do you think people feel at ease or anxious when you appear?


It’s important to clear your aura and these are the reasons why:


Your aura determines who you attract into your life

You aura determines the outcome of your day

Your aura determines how people act toward you

The laws of the universe communicate with your internal world through your aura

Your aura can channel negative and toxic thoughts

from your environment into your body

The content of your aura is also what

determines what they call "good luck" or "bad luck"

If you don’t clear your aura here are some of the consequences:


Your aura can telepathically cause arguments

and conflicts wherever you go.

 Your aura can make people not trust you.

Your body-temple is more susceptible to catch sicknesses/diseases

Your aura can pull towards you negative events/people

Your aura can cause you to miss out on great opportunities


So, clearing your aura and filling it up with the vibes of love,

trust, peace, and beauty is paramount to live a happy

life and attract blessings and lifetime opportunities.

Make Your Aura Shine - Alain and Daniell





If you are reading this you are probably someone who believes

there is a greater power beyond our material universe.


You are probably someone who believes that the answers to problems

related to happiness, relationships, health, and wealth are to be found in the

realm of the spiritual.

Because of these beliefs and the incessant desire of the soul to be free

you’ve probably been exposed to various spiritual teachings, techniques

and practices such as sound baths, tarot reading, channeling,

you are probably familiar with the laws of attraction, vibration and manifestations. 

Maybe you've done shamanism, and have looked into symbolism,

horoscope; and if you have a religious background, you gone to healing crusades, countless prayer meetings, you've fasted, you've sought after prophets and "Men of God" or "Women of God" tirelessly for special blessings and breakthroughs.

If you are more open minded perhaps you have bought all the latest books on self-realization, enlightenment, and abundance. 

You've looked into transcendental meditation, hypnosis, Reiki healing, you have sought after psychedelic and out of body experiences. You've practiced different branches of yoga. You can barely keep up with all your YouTube channels.

You tried talismans and Voodoo Practices.

You have looked into quantum physics and mechanics, you watched

the movies The Secret, and What the bleep do we know and many other

documentaries. You read several self-help books as well as some of the most popular materials on personal development.

But yet you still feel like there is something missing. You feel like all the

avenues that had promised spiritual bliss and wealthy living "misled" you.

You are confused and have become sort of stagnant. You don’t know what or

who to turn to. You don’t know how to connect to yourself anymore.

You cannot recognize your true voice and therefore can’t receive the

inner guidance you long for.

You can’t seem to connect to others at a deeper level.

You are unable to attract or keep meaningful relationships.

You have used seclusion or isolation in an effort to "find yourself"

and not be affected by other people’s vibes.

You have probably developed migraines, joint pains, weight gain

and other chronic illnesses-maybe even strange rashes.

You are still very much confused about your life’s

work and your higher purpose.
You are still dealing with trapped toxic energies from

self-condemnation, guilt, and resentment.

You are probably experiencing many holes in your finances.

And for some of you your income only covers half of your household

expenses and bills. You are always stressed out.

Some of you may have a lot of money but still feel empty and unfulfilled.

Some of you have probably began to resent the spiritual and the

personal development path because you felt it did not give

you the results it promised.

In your impatience you have tapped into everything at once

and all the spiritual highs have brought you to your deepest low.

What you truly long for now is simplicity, Stability,

and Incremental Progress. You just want to move ahead. And We Understand.
IF any of these statements resonate with you my friend, we want to welcome you to AURAGRAM, the possible missing link to awakening Enthusiasm from

within in order to create the life that you want.

This missing link is enthusiasm; what it really is, what it means,

what it does, and what other names has been given to it.



Imagine waking up daily with a flood of joy overwhelming your heart. How would your life be like? Imagine going to bed excited, happy, energized, and filled with joy with the anticipation of waking up the next day with that joy still being there. How would your life be like? 

Imagine living daily from a place of enthusiasm, connected to God from within, connected to life, feeling BEWAM (Beautiful , Extraordinary, Wonderful, Amazing, Magnificent) and attractive. Feeling bold, clear, and magnetic, ready for anything and empowered to achieve your

highest potential because your purpose is at last clear to you.

How would your life be like? 

Imagine yourself experiencing vibrant health, dropping all resistance to change, having loving relationships, seeing it easy to forgive and letting go of offenses with ease and grace, and creating abundance by helping others step into the same flow of God-Awakened: Enthusiasm. How would your life be like? Allow yourself to dream that life because that's exactly what is going to take place. This is the only result we can guarantee: Daily Enthusiasm. And watch it change everything in you, for you, about you, and around you. This is a fact.

What is going to amaze you the most is the fact that a simple daily experience of Enthusiasm will begin to help you better connect to your SELF, others, life, your clients, your family, your lover, your decision, your children, your parents, your business, and your vision of the future.

You will find yourself healing faster from emotional wounds. You will be able to forgive easily. You will find the power to make quick and inspired decisions. You will become fearless and magnetic.

You will begin to rise in a higher level of consciousness and experience a level of peace that will refuse to leave you. 

When challenges come, you will be able to quickly walk yourself out of them and quickly channel ideas to solve problems. 


8:30 - 9:00 AM



9AM - 10AM 


What is the aura and how it is structured. 


10:15AM - 11:15AM 


Meditation Training On Cleansing 

Your Aura Every Morning Using Your Breath 


45 Minutes Break


12:15PM - 1:00PM


Meditation Training On Cleansing 

Your Aura Through "Inception" 



1:15PM - 2:00PM 


Meditation Training On Protection 

Your Aura From Toxic Vibrations 


2:00PM - 2:45PM 


Meditation Training On Instructing 

Your Aura On The Type Of Vibe To Send Out

Gabriel Cruiz.jpg


Spiritual Student | Warehouse Manager

Alain and Danielle are a couple that has given me clarity in my vision through their spiritual teachings. When I met my amazing teachers, I was at a point in my life where I was unsure of where to maneuver my self, where to place my energy, and what my calling is to this world. By making these lessons practical and productive I am moving towards my goal of becoming my best self for the betterment of those around me. As a student of theirs, I know my life will never be the same again because if this amazing couple. Their wisdom and guidance is something truly nourishing to the mind, body, and soul. I believe you have come here for a reason just as I have. You deserve to live one happy life, so answer the call to your highest self and invest into these life changing, practical and powerful lessons. 

Nicole Luevano.jpg


Spiritual Student | Yoga Instructor 

Alain and Danielle have been true and living angels in my life. They have revolutionized everything, from my finances, to my spirituality, to my relationships and everything in between. They have gifted me the practical perspective of spirituality that every human being deserves to know. For that, I am endlessly grateful. If you are reading this, and life has brought you to this page, please invest into yourself. Consider this the answer you have been seeking, and your pathway back to happiness

Christ Jones.png

Christy Jones

Holistic Health & Mindfulness Coach

With Alain’s teachings I have been able to understand what vibrational alignment is and then do the
work to clear out damaging vibrations in my aroura that would prevent me from living my true-life
purpose and my most joyful life. His gift of being able to see what I needed, teach it in a way that was
easy to understand and brake down into simple steps was very effective for me. Learning the power of
the point of yes has also be foundational in training my mind to create a more peaceful way of being.
These trainings have changed how I feel in life and how I understand the world we live in. These
concepts have flowed into my work with my own clients, the schools I teach in and vision I have of the
future. It is has allowed to know myself and others in a deep and profound way. It has changed every
aspect of my life. I will be forever grateful for this work with Alain. I had no idea what to expect and I
trusted his presence and the energy he is. With gratitude. 

Khalia Windsor.jpg


Spiritual Student | Speech Therapist

Alain & Danielle are such phenomenal people who have tremendously impacted my life with the love, compassion, and authenticity that they continuously give. When I met them I was at a place in my life where I was scared, exhausted and desperately searching for answers. They truly have brought hope and joy back into my life & have led me to a true place of love, forgiveness, & acceptance. When you take this course you will be blown away by its practicality & truthfulness.

Joseph Desince.jpg


Spiritual Student | Podcast Host

Alain & Danielle are an amazing couple that came into my life and changed it for the better. They have helped me to be better mentally,spiritually and socially. The best people that I can ever ask for. When they came into my life I was upside down and with there guidance and help they turned me right side up. If you are reading please take my word for it this is the prayer you have been asking God for. Make the decision and watch your life be transformed. Thank you Alain and Danielle.

Dana Pedro - 1 Happy Life_edited.jpg


Spiritual Student | Art Therapist

Alain and Danielle Dagba are truly life changers with their simple spiritual principles with easy practical applications. I went from an anxiety- filled , unfocused person who was unsure about life because I had stopped dreaming to becoming an inspirational speaker and art therapist. The teachings of Alain and Danielle have unlocked my ability to dream and have opened  the door for me so that I am walking in my purpose in life with a boldness and certainty I have never had before.  If you are truly looking for a lasting change in the most positive way in your life, their teachings is the solution.


Spiritual Therapist

I’m so grateful to have met Alain and Danielle, there ministry has brought me back from the dead. Spiritually, when I meet them I was in a place where I couldn’t recognize myself. Putting into practice their teaching has brought me to a place where I see myself as a Divine being, who is capable to give love and receive love, in the most miraculous way. If your looking to be revived, this couple and their teachings will do the job.


Spiritual Student | Attorney

Pst. Dagba and his wife, through their spiritual parenting sessions, have been pouring into my family for over two years now. As a result of their teachings, my marriage is thriving like never before, my business is prospering like never before and my spiritual growth has been literally out of this world!


Spiritual Student | Entrepreneur 

My Daughter Nikkie told me, sometime around August 2019, that I should attend Alain and Danniele’s Sunday Service, because she’s known, I’ve been searching for freedom, as my life seemed to be getting darker. So I attended the service , ...and have been since then. For I have found, what I’ve been looking for...I am experiencing, what I am learning. What I am importantly learning is, I MUST PRACTICE, ALL THAT I LEARN. I am actually, now practicing. Practicing to think  positive. ONLY POSITIVE, only positive...to be free and truly happy. I’m seeing, feeling, and witnessing this True and Genuine kindness surrounding me, Thus, my thoughts are thinking positive, It’s a practice, 
But I see that, it is through this practice I can feel and think only good thoughts