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"Meditation is not a spiritual luxury. It is a life skill." 

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By clearing your aura you can cancel the process of negative as well as harmful disconnecting thoughts and bring about a different new life.


Your aura is scientifically called these days your bio-field. Your aura is what people feel when you step into their space. They call it your VIBE.


Your aura is what tells you that someone is staring at you from the back and it is usually right. Your aura can determine who you attract in your life, if you will pass that interview, and how your body feels health wise. 


Your aura starts from within you and then spreads outside your body. Your aura can telepathically cause arguments and conflicts wherever you go. Your aura can make people not to trust you.


Your aura has the content of your conscious thoughts and unconscious beliefs. Your aura sends out your prayers or cancels them out.


So, clearing your aura and filling it up with the vibes of love, trust, peace, and beauty is necessary to live a happy life and attract blessings and opportunities.


The laws of the universe communicate with your internal world through your aura. Your aura can channel negative and toxic thoughts from your environment into your body. So, your aura is a vital aspect of your being and your existence to keep healthy and protected. 

The content of your aura is also what determines what they call "good luck" or "bad luck"



Keeping a conflict in the soul seriously stops you from having clarity. The vibration of the conflict at the subconscious level will be eating up your peace of mind, your awareness, and diminishing your level of performance at any task. 

Stored-up conflicts at the soul level cause forgetfulness, misplacing items, clumsiness, lack of sound sleep, and the incapacity to pray because your connection with God, the Spirit of Love within is weak. 

Most people often ask if they have to talk to the person in question in order to be able to solve the conflict. The answer is NO. You don't have to. Everything can be done at the spiritual level within you and the laws of the universe will take care of the rest. 

We have seen people's parents call them after we helped them clear out their internal conflicts. We have seen people feeling the urge to call the very person they were trying so hard to avoid. Sometimes, they will randomly run into the person as they go about their daily business, and the person will say to them how they have been trying to contact them. 

God has designed your soul and the laws of the universe to work together in assisting you to achieve what your own logical mind cannot. But this requires a training and patience. 

Have you been holding a negative vibration about yourself, an old friend, someone who has passed, a co-worker, your job, your environment, or anyone you have stopped talking to or have cut off out of your world? It's time to be healed from that. 

Holding a vibration of conflicts in your soul attract others to be in conflict with you and hold you in a negative place within their soul. 




This meditation can be done by a single person to attract the right mate or by couples to solidify their relationship, improve their relationship, and take their chemistry to the next level. 

This meditation can also be used to heal past relationships that have left any vibration or pain, resentment, and bitterness at the soul level.


Usually, when these past pains are not healed, the human mind tends to disconnect from the idea of a romantic relationship all together or the person tends to attract the same types of relationships that have hurt in the past. 

The secret of a good relationship is to find the tools to create the right chemistry through joy telepathically. 

Your relationship is the mirror of your soul. The relationship you want and the one you have is a vibration you hold within.

By finding the tools to heal what you hold within, you will also unleash the power to change what you hold without. And this is what this meditation is all about. 




This is a meditation to make sure that you become the person who deserves the blessing you want to attract, then second that you have the blessing. 

Wanting to attract without becoming a better person is a spiritual fraud that eventually leads to pain and loss. 

Your first attraction should be the greater version of you. Because you just don't want to attract things but also people. And what gives you more joy is your connection to others and the meaning they bring to your life. 

When you practice this meditation, you will first attract resources and people that will begin to show you the way to the desire you wish to manifest. You will feel joy and peace expanding your universe to other great and loving souls. 

As you connect to these resources and people, you get to learn more about yourself, you get to heal, and you get to have what you want and enjoy it to the fullest. This is what we call a righteous manifester. 

What good is it to have everything if you don't have the most precious thing which is your SELF. Your daily joy of living is your connection to your SELF as Joy. So, let's manifest the GREATER YOU through the process of manifesting your GREATEST DESIRE. 



Too many times we have seen parents (especially mothers) unconsciously  and sadly bring misfortunes upon their own children by miss using the laws of telepathy and the law of attraction. They don't know this. 

What you fear you create. What you feel you call. What you think about most of the time you will invite by first becoming it. What you keep noticing will keep showing up. What you keep talking about you will keep vibrating. 

Mothers are connected to their children through their spiritual umbilical cord. What you fear will happen to your children you will lead them into it through distant hypnosis using your imagination and your feeling of fear for them. 

We have seen children talk about dreaming about the very thing their parents were worrying may happen to them. That's the fear of the parent affecting their children at the psychic level. This should be a clear sign that they should stop worrying for the child but without a tool they can't help it. 

Fathers are more connected to their children mentally. Their mental projection affect their children. Children can sense their father's vibration at the brain level from miles away if he focuses his intent on them. Intention is energy transmitter through attention. 

Mothers are felt by their children in their gut. Fathers are felt by their children in their pineal gland. 

Parents can positively or negatively affect their children using their thoughts, feelings, and imagination. No child is too old to be blessed or cursed by a parent unless the child is spiritually evolved and psychologically out of his or her parent vibrational reach. 

During this meditation, we will teach you how to clear old negative vibes you have been holding about your children due to your own past history. And we will show you how to use your natural, and God's given parental spiritual power to heal your children and guide them to the right path of peace and joy. 


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