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How To Become Unlimited Potential

We want to unleash your unlimitedness through this teaching. The first awareness we want to share with you is the truth that you are a potential, not a fixed identity. A potential is something that could become anything. The belief that you can become anything is what we call the consciousness of unlimited possibilities.

When you define yourself you immediately confine yourself. Not that defining oneself is bad in itself, but making the definition of oneself the sole expression of one's existence is limiting and diluting. You are created as a neutral multi-facets entity. Don't dilute yourself with a fixed identity. We are not here talking about your gender. We are talking about your consciousness.

The dictionary defines "diluting" as "making tiny and weaker" by adding water. Here the water is represented by a fixed identity that limits your perception of yourself, the world, others, and opportunities. As a consequence, your fixed identity will limit what you can do and how much money you can earn, create, or make (not the same). You cannot produce above your self-image. No one can.

So, let's get into it with a simple analogy. A piece of wood can be viewed as a potential. But a table can be viewed as a fixed identity. Let's clarify. A piece of wood can become a table, a chair, a spoon, a fork, it can be used for a fireplace, it can be used to build a house, a boat, a closet; it can be used to make papers, to make clothes, to build bed frames and thousands of other things.

You see, that's what the piece of wood can become and do as a potential. Everything named above is a latent unlimited potential inside the wood. That's who you are. You are a multi-facets entity. Do you have any idea how many untapped resources are within you?

Now, the moment you stop believing that you are a piece of wood, and instead you believe that you are table, you become limited--a fixed identity. You can't see yourself becoming and doing anything beside what tables do. There are only a few things you can do and serve for. Most of your friends will be tables and you will only do what tables do. Birds (people) of the same feather (consciousness) flock together.

Believing that you are a table is the same as believing that you are a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a carpenter, a singer, and so forth. Here is the truth: You have become these things. You are not them. And some of you came with some gifts and talents from birth. It is not an accident. It is a remembrance of what you have learned from past life. You call it talents or gifts. But they have been learned. You are not them. Free your SELF.

You see who you are is different from who you become. Who you become is a personality. Who you are is a person. It is a potential. It is the life-consciousness that can become anything. You see anything can be learned. What you become is just an information. Any fixed identity you became is an information. Let's prove this to you.

If you want to become a doctor for example. First, you went to school to absorb some information. You call that process education. Then through the understanding of the information you gain knowledge. That is called transformation. Then the assimilation of the knowledge became a personality in you. This is called transmutation. That personality formed by the medical information is the one we call a doctor. But you are not a doctor. In-formation means something is forming within.

You see, through the process of education, transformation, and transmutation, information became a personality that you call "yourself" or your "fixed identity". You perceive who you are, life, people, and the whole vast world through the eye of this fixed identity. As a consequence, you cannot see your person. You are suffering from a spiritual tunnel vision. You believe you are the piece of information you have become. Your income is decided by it as well as where you live and the people you hang out with. You have become limited.

You see, who you become is just a jacket or a script your person or your true self is wearing to function in a certain way especially to make a living. But if you want to live, you have to undefine yourself thus unconfine yourself by not forgetting that you can become anything you want if need be.

You are a potential, a multi-facets consciousness. The I AM. The absence of this knowledge is what makes people limited and say things like, "I only want to do what I love", "this is not my cup of tea", or "I can't". Of course if the only personality you believe that you are is a doctor, and I ask it to fix a car, it will say those above words. This is where it becomes hard for people to change.

But the truth is the I AM or Christ in you can do "all things". It can become anything. Every new thing you become will expand your life and become a stream of income. When you know you are unlimited, you know that all it takes to become something else is to learn an information that will become the personality of what you want. But you must be highly organized. We are not saying here that you should jump on everything and try to do everything at once and overwhelm yourself. No. What were saying is that you don't have to limit yourself and that everything can be learned. That's it.

Becoming a doctor is no different from becoming wealthy. It is the same process. People use the same process to become poor and sick anyway. Everything starts with information. What you eat, drink, see, hear, taste, and feel is an information that conditions the brain to produce chemicals. The process is simple: Education, Transformation, and Transmutation. Once the information becomes a personality, you will create the reality of that personality. We hope this teaching has served you. We will appreciate a comment.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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