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Hearing From God Through AURAGRAM

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

The voice of the Divine comes through Enthusiasm from a place in the human psyche called the "nous" known as the mouth of God.

When we are happy, joyful, relaxed, and fully trusting, our brain expands itself into its intuitive capabilities where we can clearly hear from God.

Clarity comes with a positive state of mind. When we are enthusiastic we generate a high and beaming vibration from our seven energy centers in our body to silence the voice of doubt and fear.

Confusion and the mixture of doubt and fear. Through AURAGRAM we get to lead you into connecting to the voice of the Divine by first seeing who you truly are from a place of love.

Within our seven energy centers are condensed light-particles or photons. Within these photons abides the divine life-force or Eternal Life, which is an upgraded version of the elemental vital life force in the human body.

When we train ourselves to feel enthusiastic daily as we will do through AURAGRAM by injecting highly charged ideas into our psyche, we get to slowly clear out our energy centers with the releasing of this divine life force from the center of each energy center.

When this divine life force is inhaled into the brain, our neurons get fed with a different type of vital substance and begin to behave differently--leading to ecstasy. We believe the human brain has the capacity to produce other chemicals that have not yet been discovered by science.

Yet, some of these strange but powerful chemicals are heavenly substances that can cause the human body to experience immediate physical healing from ailments. Most people who have experienced such a healing often testify having first heard in their spirit that they were going to be healed. They knew before it happened, because God told them.

Our aim is to lead people into physical and psychological healing through AURAGRAM as the guided audio recording are designed to awakened the divine vital life force from within our energy center.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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