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Finding The Power To Change Your Diet With AURAGRAM

She asked, "I am having a problem with changing my diet to stay healthy, what can I do?" "The root of your problem is a lack of strong willpower. It's really never a question of addiction. Your willpower can break any forms of addictions and habits.." Danielle answered.

Our will power is not strong enough because of one main reason: the will is too weak to act alone. To strengthen your will power you will need another power added to its power. This power comes from the awakening of the energy of love within the seven energy centers of your body. We like to call the awakening of that love energy enthusiasm.

"The food you east is a language you program in your body cells. It's like training your cells to speak french and now trying to make them speak Arabic when you make an attempt to change your diet. The cells of course will resist the change because they are more comfortable with what they know." Alain added.

To charge your willpower with the vibratory love energy awakened from your seven energy centers, you must be able to see and experience your true self beyond the physical body as a vibration from that awakened state of consciousness we are calling enthusiasm.

In that state, you have a complete different perception of who you are. The vibration you will experience in your brain from the awakening of the love energy from the seven energy centers in your body will cause you to perceive yourself as beautiful, extraordinary, wonderful, amazing and magnificent.

The secret is you have to feel good about yourself before you can take care of yourself. You have to love your body unconditionally before you can convince the cells to make a change.

Your emotions are messages to your body cells. Feeling negative about your current diet and your body appearance are sending a low vibration to your body cells and causing them to focus more on the food you want to stop feeding them. Because , what you want to get rid of is what you think about the most and what you think about the most becomes your point of communication with your body cells.

"I was raised on a lot of meats and starchy foods. When my wife Danielle was trying to help me eat healthy, I did not have the will power to even start. I will rebel and even fight her. So, I did what I know to do best. I used AURAGRAM to recondition my body with my imagination and new feelings. My body cells helped me as a consequence to not only stop eating those foods, but to become plant-based to this day." Alain

To see yourself from the space of love, it requires that you know yourself as love through the awakening of love energy within your seven energy centers.

This love energy is the power that will energize your willpower and begin to do in and through you what you are unable to do alone. With that love energy you can come into contact with your real self. You will watch this new self craving healthy food because it is connected to your body’s truest needs .

"I can teach you how to activate this love power within you through a simple tool called AURAGRAM to activate the love energy from your energy centers. You will develop a strong connection with your body through your true SELF. You and your body will become true allies and will partner together to make it more alive, strong, and healthy every day without trying to hard.  When you are trying too hard, you are actually fighting with your body. But with AURAGRAM, You will experience what I call a divine flow, which will lead to the ultimate state of bliss or the awakening of FULL ENTHUSIASM to reach your diet goal as a lifestyle." Danielle

The Teaching Of Alain and Danielle

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