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Dare To Be Different

In a world where most people want to be liked, loved, respected, appreciated, admired, and worshiped, conformity has become the norm while being unique and different in the moral sense of these words has become a threat.

For example, if you are living in a community where everyone is average, your desire to become excellent will often be seen as a threat. If you are part of a group of non-dreamers, and you dare to dream big, you will be viewed as delusional. But, we are here to tell you to dare to be different.

Daring to be different will require that you accept being rejected from your familiar environment in order to be accepted in unfamiliar places. It's called courage. Sometimes, your own old self built from the familiar environment will be your first opposition and enemy.

We remember when we made a decision to be different how we had to first drop the need to be liked, loved, appreciated, complimented, admired, and worshiped by anyone. As long as it is a need it will be a prison and a trap.

We had to cut all soul-ties and become powerful in the center of our own being expecting nothing from anyone to be added to us before we can become, do, and have what we want.

The formula for success is very simple. Your information plus your association will become your destination. You need to know where you are heading in life. Are the people you spend the majority of your time with heading in the same direction? Do they believe in your dream? Do they believe in you? Are they on purpose?

As long as you will be immersed in the wrong association, the information that will shape your destiny will also resemble the values of the association. You want to become a carpenter? How is it that 90% of the people you spend your valuable time with and listen to are mechanics? Do you see the problem.

We understand that you trust your friends and your "people", but if they don't have the information that will help you reach your dream, why not step out of their midst and find another association that has the information you need. People pleasing is a deadly snake that turns you in to a snack.

Conformity loves comfort zone and comfort zone is a cozy but a poisonous blanket that kills you, kills your dreams, and kills your passion softly. The average spirit always suspects something evil or a trap about what is excellent. Those who don't have are always afraid of something being taken away from them. The average spirit likes to do it all alone and keep you broke and unwise because it believes it knows it all. Divorce that spirit.

Being average is a dangerous state of mind. You can't see beyond your nose. Yet, you are confident that everyone else is in the wrong. In the meantime you are not moving forward. You got to dare to be different. Dare to be humble. Dare to be coachable. Dare to be mentored. Dare to be guided. You get to dare to step out of your comfort zone which is your failure zone.

Just look at your association. Do they have the life you have? How many of them can teach you what you need to know in order to succeed? Most of them may have opinions but not advices. Opinions are from people without experience. Advice is from people with the experience.

Jealousy is for those who have decided in themselves that they will never be able to have what the person they are jealous about has. A serious self-sabotaging spirit. Winning is a lifetime decision. You cannot make lifetime decisions on people's opinion in a world where propaganda is more accepted than facts. Dare to be unique. Dare to be different. Be willing to be rejected and criticized if you are going to live a life of significance.

Average is too judgmental and too close to mediocrity. God does not make junks. If you are going to represent heaven on earth, make sure you aim for excellence in character, power in appearance, and greatness in attitudes and mindsets. Have some dignities and royalties in your blood, and don't settle for excuses such as "Jesus was poor" which is another religious big lie to justify spiritual laziness.

It is your duty to dare to be different. It is your calling to break the curse. It is your responsibility to grow yourself beyond your traditional education that blinds you with degrees that cannot make you a good citizen, a good spouse, a wonderful parent, a loyal friend, a healthy person, and an emotionally stable person.

Traditional education is to make a living. But if you want to live you need another form of education; and you won't get it in the average zone. Most people want what other people have but are not willing to do what these "other people" did to have what they have. This is called foolishness and mental imbalance. Please, dare to be different.

The most valuable things in life are not taught by traditional education. So you learn everything in school except yourself. They grow your brain but not your heart. Listen to this quote: "You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Charlie Tremendous Jones

Wake Up!

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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