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Block Energy Vampires Through AURAGRAM

You are a spirit and your real blood is the vital life force. The vital life force is infinite in nature but when it abides in a form such as the human body, it can deplete and will need to recharge. That's why you get tired after using your vital life force to work. When you sleep, you are recharging because your awareness is less active.

What most people don't know is the fact that our psyche consume more of the vital life force than the body. The body feels the effect later. You can become physically tired just by worrying about a problem. At the psychic level, that problem is consuming a lot of your vital life force.

In many motion pictures or movies we have seen vampires drinking human blood and killing their victims. In the same way, you can begin to die spiritually when you allow many "energy vampires" to suck out your vital life force.

Energy vampires can come in many forms in your life. They could be people you always want to please, a job you hate, someone you resent, a task you have been postponing, or an addiction you have always wanted to break free from. An energy vampire could also be a dirty secret you are holding in heart that you are afraid someone may one day discover.

Your energy vampire could also be you being hard on yourself, judging yourself, criticizing yourself, and always finding fault about yourself.

You are awareness and awareness is I AM. The amount of awareness you have will equal the amount of the vital life force that is flowing through your body thus the amount of blood flow the body is experiencing which equals your state of wellness and health.

Anything that is eating up your awareness at the subconscious level is sucking life out of you. You will begin to experience fatigue, anxiety, depression, weird fears, nightmares, clumsiness, memory loss, hair loss, rashes, misplacing items, and so forth. Why? Because there is not enough of the vital life force and blood going through your brain and your body.

Through AURAGRAM we help you clear out those energy vampires from your subconscious mind in order to return back to your psyche, brain, and mental capacity the portion of your vital life force they have kept hostage. This is what we found out: People want to do better, forgive, love, and let go of pain. But they don't know how. Therefore, they judge themselves incapable.

There are so many people who are young in age but look old in appearance. They have lost their glow in their auric body therefore their physical body started to age at a fast speed. This is due to energy vampires.

AURAGRAM will teach you how to say yes more often to yourself and treat your mind, body, and soul the right way so that you may generate a more powerful and healthy aura about yourself. When our vital life force is kept hostage by energy vampires, we tend to telepathically attract abusers and situations that will consume more of our awareness.

Clearing out left over issues could be challenging. But not when you have wired your brain and align your vibration to be aurically super-charged with enthusiasm to do so. Yes, enthusiasm to us is the awakening of God from within your energy centers. This is the secret we have found to help you positively wire your brain and cleanse the aura.

From childhood most people's brain has been wired with pain and fear to generate energy vampires into their subconscious mind. Everything is about wiring. No one can escape wiring. If you want to learn a new art or a new skill for work, you will have to be wired for it through repetition.

There is a spiritual solution to every problem. Not all challenges can be solved using the intellect and our human technical resources. The spiritual realm is the storage of real and lasting unlimited resources. And AURAGRAM is one of them.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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