Why working from home or starting your own home based business is that important? For us (Alain & Danielle) our dream has always been about being a full-time-husband, a full-time-wife, a full-time-dad, and a full-time-mom.  

Working a 9-5 job or career should be a temporary choice; not something you want to do for the rest of your life until you die.


Retirement should not be about age, but about how soon you can create a debt free cashflow asset for yourself as a single person or for your family. 

Financial abundance should be about family, raising your kids with your own values, traveling the world, having the means to grow beautiful memories, and having enough time to worship God, fulfill your calling, helping others, and enjoying wonderful varieties of cultural foods. 

But there is a difference between being self-employed and having an asset. The goal is to build an asset that bring a residual income. But you have to start somewhere in order to break free from the employee-mindset which is basically based on trading your life for money and having a social status while your values (marriage, family, wellness, and spirituality) are falling apart. 


We have been self-employed for the longest time and now we are building our asset for generational wealth. And we can attest to how this choice (not easy) has enhanced the chemistry in our marriage because we have time to spend with each other; and has given us the parent-power to raise our children and be there most of the time when they come home from school.


Here is our question to you: Do you believe that you can begin to create an extra income from home doing simple things while being helped and supported by someone who has already done it? If yes, then contact us using the link below. 


The Things We Should Not Trade For Nothing

  • Mothers & Daughters time

  • Fathers & Sons Time 

  • Family Time 

  • Dating your spouse over and over again 

  • Traveling to exotic countries and places 

  • Prayer Time 

  • Meditation Time 

  • Philanthropic Dreams 

  • The Power To Help Friends & Family Financially 


Alain & Danielle 

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