What is Spiritual Mentoring (S.M)?

Spiritual Mentoring is a Program we (Alain and Danielle) have designed to assist people in creating and experiencing the most three fundamental ingredients of a meaningful and fulfilling life: Happiness, Health, and Wealth.

What makes the Program Unique?

Over the course of the years our experience in counseling people, we have realized that quick fixes, shortcuts to reliefs, and random encouragements don't help people maintain a solid level of true happiness, health, and wealth. So, we have designed this program to take people through a process of transformation in which they get to participate in order to discover their own inner power to overcome challenges and create the life they want.

What does it take to succeed in S.M?

It takes commitment to one's own happiness, health, and wealth. This commitment is what we call self-care and self-love. You have to love yourself more than whatever you want in order to invest time and energy to create the necessary discipline to win in anything in life. You have to be willing to accept change and to change. You have to be teachable, coachable and mentorable. 

Where do we start?

First, you have to schedule a Free 15-minute or 30-minute of consultation so you get to know more about us and we get to know more about you. This consultation time will also give you an opportunity to share about where you are at in life and what you would like to achieve; then we will take enough time to tell you more about the Spiritual Mentoring Program and what the entire process looks like. 

How long do I have to be on the program??

Most people do Spiritual Mentoring for a lifetime; because one of the privileges of Spiritual Mentoring is that you get to contact us in case of emergencies for advice, insights, prayers, and any other helps we could give. We are proud to say that this program is unique because caring for people is the main intention and motivation behind it. So, it is up to you how long you want to be spiritually mentored. Most of our students or mentees receive knowledge from us in order to help others. Paying it forward is also one of our essential values.

Alain & Danielle 

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