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"A Lightworker Is Someone Who Is Called To Use His

Or Her Own Awakened Light To Help Others Awaken Theirs."


As long as you will continue to believe that being a lightworker is not a decision made from the will of man, but a calling from God, you will always allow your Higher Self to serve your clients through you. 

If you can always remember the signs and the synchronicities that have served as the marks of a lightworker from your childhood to this point, you will never get to a place where you will deny yourself the gift of being a channel to your Higher Self to serve the world. 

By staying grounded in and remaining faithful to the energy you believe you came to deliver, you will end up experiencing this knowingness that you have in you the power to solve the problems your clients are dealing with. This knowingness is your Higher Self. 

The more detailed you can be, and the more descriptive you can be about the result you can foresee for your clients, the more fire and fuel you will pour into your passion to serve as a lightworker. 

The feeling of joy you feel believing one hundred percent that you can help people heal and be better, will always cause you to operate from a place of power within yourself. 

If you can always understand that what your clients are purchasing from you is priceless, and it is their life they are willing to buy back, and that they are ready to sacrifice anything to come out of "death", then you will never underestimate your calling and under-charge for your service.


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