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"A Lightworker Is Someone Who Is Called To Use His

Or Her Own Awakened Light To Help Others Awaken Theirs."


You have responded YES to your spiritual mission or calling. Now you must know that the world is a mental construct placed in the human mind as a matrix. And, you have decided to free people from that matrix. 

This is the reason why the STEP 1 of the Septagram is titled UNPLUG FROM YOUR OWN MATRIX. In the movie THE MATRIX, actor Morpheus defined the matrix to Neo this way: "The matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the TRUTH you are a slave".

You must also know that most lightworkers are manipulated by the world and dark entities from their points of needs. That's why in STEP 2, we will disconnect you from the toxic energies of your needs so you get your supply from the spiritual realm by using your desires.

Desire pulls the vision you have of yourself forwards. But needs push the vision you have of yourself backwards. 

In STEP 3 you will learn how to release your mental environment, emotional environment, and physical environment so that you can invite Higher Frequencies from the spiritual dimension to operate in the full capacity of your Higher Self to serve your clients.

Whatever is holding your awareness in your environment will telepathically hold onto your client's breakthrough. 

Lightworkers pick on psychic diseases from their clients. In STEP 4, you will learn the seven-degree-level of purifying your auric energy to protect your psychic-body from drainage and diseases. 

The purification of your auric energy by restoring the life-force in the psychic body in its upward movement should be your greatest priority above all other healing ideas in the whole of existence. 

STEP 5: Keep yourself pure. Your deliberate connection to the higher self is the hallmark or true standard of purity you must honor and respect. Purity is the foundation of your revelation, clairvoyance and your intuitive knowingness to assist your clients.

STEP 6: Transcend Form And Matter. As a Lightworker, the moment you start seeing your clients and their issues through the material world, you will lose contact with the guidance of your Higher Self.

The mind that sees the world through forms is susceptible to judgment, fear, doubt, and suffering. To go beyond the form is to be transformed and to become the master of your own reality.

STEP 7: Ascend to the highest definition of things. To ascend to the highest definition of things will help you see the problems your clients are dealing with from the world of energy. Each time you see reality from the world of energy, your Higher Self will be there to guide you. 

To ascend is to see things from above. You transcend their width and their length to touch their depth in order to see their height through the EYE of your Higher Self. Whenever you see the height of a challenge, the solution is also given to you. 

BONUS STEP: Vibrate at a higher frequency for financial abundance. We will introduce you to a special course called Cashtegram. Through this course you will learn to use auric currencies to purchase whatever you want in the material world and increase your income.

To vibrate is to transform your presence into a magnetic fluid in order to harmonize other people's vibration or a group vibration to yours when you show up. As you harmonize their vibration your service to them is accepted with grace and is converted into payments. 


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