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"A Lightworker Is Someone Who Is Called To Use His

Or Her Own Awakened Light To Help Others Awaken Theirs."


The matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the TRUTH you are a slave.

Desire pulls the vision you have of yourself forwards. But needs push the vision you have of yourself backwards.


What you hold onto, holds onto you and what you release, releases you.

The amount of your awareness that is trapped in your environment will equal the level of disconnection to your Higher Self you will experience.

The purification of your auric energy by restoring the life-force in the psychic body in its upward movement should be your greatest priority above all other healing ideas in the whole of existence. 

Purity is the foundation of your revelation, clairvoyance and your intuitive knowingness to assist your clients.

The mind that sees the world through forms is susceptible to judgment, fear, doubt, and suffering. To go beyond the form is to be transformed and to become the master of your own reality.

To ascend is to see things from above. You transcend their width and their length to touch their depth in order to see their height through the EYE of your Higher Self.


Whenever you see the height of a challenge,

the solution is also given to you.

To vibrate is to transform your presence into a magnetic fluid in order to harmonize other people's vibration or a group vibration to yours when you show up.


As you harmonize their vibration your service to them is accepted with grace and is converted into payments. 


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