During this class Jesus will take you through some serious, powerful, and amazing lessons that will change your life. While you are learning, the sceneries will be changing to really give your mind the feeling of being there physically with Jesus Christ; which makes your learning experience even more powerful.


Your main lesson here is to learn how to move mountains which are the problems we all deal with on a day to day basis. Be prepared to be amazed. 


During this class (eBook -LBM – CLASS 1) you will explore with Jesus Christ the simple technique by which one can move mountains. Though this may sound too good to be true to some people, you will come to soon realize how by using a substantial emotional faith one can truly move mountains in comparison to the mere powerless mental superstition most people mistakenly view as faith.


During this class, Mr. Alain Dagba will unveil to you on each page the mystery of the three realities (visible-physical-reality, invisible-physical-reality, invisible reality) which is the key idea behind the power to move out of your way any types of mountains you may currently be dealing with in your life.

THE LBM- Class 1

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