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My parents wanted me to become a lawyer. But I was born a seer after staying in the womb for twelve whole mouths. 

Life was not easy. Though I was born into a very wealthy family, by the age of eleven going twelve, my dad, who was one of the healthiest business men in my country, Togo, West-Africa came to lose everything he has worked so hard for. 

But my dad is my hero. I have seen this man overcome all forms of challenges to still be alive today. 

I was born a seer. Some may consider that as an advantage. Yes I can say that now. But this gift was not an easy one to carry at a young age. 

My school years were painful. I remember seeing beings and many things that people could not see. At school the labeled me dumb and retarded because I could not focus. 

Sometimes I will even fall from my bench having an out of body experience right in class. People will laugh. It was hard. 

I will hear a VOICE within me teaching me about things that no one around me was talking about. I remember as it was yesterday, when I decided to write everything the VOICE was telling me. It started like a poetry. I will write for hours. 

When I reached high school, the voice became clearer and seeing the spiritual realm became natural. I have helped so many people put their lives in order from what I could see about them. 

At the same time, many people have avoided my presence, especially in church, because they do not understand the gift and they do not want me to know about their business. 

This is what I want to tell you: GOD is REAL. You cannot see him because he is in your own breath. This is not a philosophy or a superstition. I am speaking from experience. 

Having a gift of a seer does not mean life will be easy. I have been through some struggles which lead me to fast for 40 days on liquid and ask all the questions about "this life" the voice within. 

The wisdom you will be reading on the pages of this book are not mine. They are inspiration from the VOICE after my fast. 

Everything I teach as a minister, a life coach and a business coach I owe them to GOD, the VOICE within, the dreamer in every soul. Now, why did I title this book: Secrets To Divine Manifestations? 

There is a secret about everything in life. Secret to happiness. Secret to self-discovery. Secret to success. Secret to the knowledge of God. Secret to love. Secret to forgiveness. This is just to name a few. 

And these secrets don’t suggest anything mysterious. They are simple truths and body of knowledge that are practical and very easy to understand—yet not shared by those who possessed them for the longest time. 

We humans tend not to see simple things. We love to complicate everything. Truth is simple. I call the body of knowledge within this book “secrets” because they were hidden from the public for a long time. Sometimes these knowledge are hidden from the public for a reason, but for the most of the times most people are too lazy to spend their time looking for them. 

The secrets you are about to read in this book will revolutionize and challenge most of your beliefs. But as I always say, pay attention to your heart; because there is a realm of TRUTH in every soul that always inclines toward the light when it sees it. 

Your life is about to positively and divinely change. Get ready. You are about to know your SELF for the first time. 

As you study this book, at the end, you will discover The Art Of Happiness which is also the name of my personal business brand. Happiness my friend is everything that brings everything you want to manifest. 

The book will open your EYE to understand who you truly are, how wonderful you are, why you are here, and the possibilities that are around you that sometimes you fail to see. 

The book will show you the hidden mysteries of the Bible and how to use TRUTH to positively transform your life. 
___ The Author: Teacher Alain Dagba

Secrets To Divine Manifestations

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