If you have completed the LBM – CLASS 1, then you are qualified to attend this class (LBM – CLASS 2) based on a science of success by Earl Nightingale.


During this class, you will learn the power of this single ability that most people neglect in life. It is this ability called REPETITION. Mr. Alain Dagba called it the lost coin of heaven.


As he presents the secret power of REPETITION during this dynamic class and how to use it, you will come to understand at a deeper level why some people succeed and some don’t; why some start and never finish, and why some close to their breakthrough fall for the deceiving sensation to quit.


The power of repetition opens the sealed and concealed door of God’s divine power from within you. This experience of opening up this secret door of divine power in you will not only expand your mind, but also renew your brain and make you see yourself and life from the true meaning of faith.

LBM - Class 2

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Alain & Danielle 

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