Your True Power Is Focused Energy

If you know how to use your energy, how to focus your energy, and where to focus your energy, you can solve almost any problems. How does it work? Let's learn that right now.

Humans have super powers. The truth is they use these powers all the time unconsciously. What is power? Power is focused energy. Energy is given direction through intention.

Attention channels energy with an intention toward something.

You are the creator of the power. Energy is always available to you. But you have to choose the intention and the attention point.

You generate power toward something by focusing your energy toward that thing. To focus energy is to place attention on something. To place attention on something is to channel energy into that thing.

You can focus on your body and generate power toward it. You can focus on your dream, your goal, your vision, your children, your spouse, your friends, and your purpose and generate energy toward it.

In auragram we taught you how everything is energy and everything has magnetism in the universe. We also taught you in the auragram how by mastering your photonic body you can purify your energy centers and focus your energy on healing yourself and redeeming others to solve problems.

Whatever receives power must move. It's LAW. Power is therefore always available because everything is in motion. The earth is receiving the power of life for all particles and cells to be in motion because the supreme intelligence is focusing on it.

When you decide about the intention and you choose your point of attention, you are generating power toward what you focus the attention upon. Where you place your attention is what we call attention point.

For example, let's say you want your child to behave well. Your son becomes your attention point. Now, choose the intention point. The intention point is to be specific about what you mean by "he should behave well"?

If you say it means he should stop watching too much TV, in your mind eye or imagination you are still seeing him watching TV. So your intention is what you see in your mind.

While holding that intention or picture in mind--which is the picture you don't want, you will feel a negative emotion while creating the injecting the intention into your mind. Therefore, you are focusing your negative energy to generate a toxic power toward your child.

Telepathically through the electromagnetic field or the atmosphere you have created a conflict at the subconscious level between you and your child before you even tell him not to watch too much TV.

Don't be surprised if an argument and a strong resistance break out when you later on tell him verbally to stop watching too much TV.

Your power already went ahead of you and telepathically caused a resistance inside your child at the subconscious level. The conversation already took place in the realm of energy and vibrations. That's why what we fear often happens.

The auragram also explained to you how energy flows out of our body as a vibration into others and things as a frequency. Once we understand that we can solve our problems.

We know that radio waves are electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are made of photons. Photons behave like waves and particles at the same time.

When photons behave like waves they are invisible like pure potential energy. When they behave like particles they are visible like particles of light. These particles of light or photons we call them auragram.

Science has proven that your body also generates electromagnetic waves. Your thoughts and feelings are waves. They are real things that can travel to the destination you focus them upon.

You are a communication center and your body is a biotechnological device that can transmit and receive information.

Focus is attention plus intention. Energy is feeling and feeling is created with imagination. Imagination makes intention specific and precise.

Imagination is the picture of the intention. Attention carries the picture and the feeling together and channels them to where you place your focus. You are the transmitter. The object or subject of your attention is the receiver.

Focus is attention is concentration on one thing for a long time. Focus is power generator. The longer the focus the more movement is generated on the object or subject of your attention through power.

What you remove your focus from you stop feeling.

When you stop focus you stop holding intention. When you stop holding intention you stop feeling. When you stop feeling you stop creating energy.

When you stop creating energy for something you lose interest in the thing. This often happens to lovers and careers. But energy can always be refocused to generate power.

When energy is on too many things power is lost.

When power is lost attention is scattered. When attention is scattered intention is fragmented. And when intention is fragmented chaos is automatically created inside the mind, body, soul, and the aura.

That's why aligning the energy centers as it is been taught in the auragram keeps your energy focused and cleanses your aura as well.

Focused energy is power and power and faith are the same. Faith is positive power. Fear is toxic power.

Faith and Fear are tools we use to create. To create you need power. Power cannot be generated without something being created--consciously or unconsciously.

Fear is an unconscious creation tool from past negative energies created from disappointment and resentment.

Faith is a conscious creation tool from the positive energies created from empowerment and contentment using daydreaming, imagination, and visioning.

Supposed you chose this intention for your child: "I want my child to read more often, to pray more often, and to spend more time with family, and meditate more often. "

As you mentally and audibly speak these words you will also see your child in your mind eye or imagination doing these things. Consequently, you will generate a positive feeling or energy or power in your heart and focus it on your child. This is real prayer.

Science has proven that the human heart generates more electromagnetic wave than the human brain. Feeling is energy and energy is electrical and magnetic (electromagnetic). That's why it can animate (electricity) and pull or repel (magnet).

The child will receive the positive power of what you see in your mind and feel in your heart. This is called redeeming power. You are redeeming your child from his addiction to TV.

The longer you can hold that attention on your child, the more power you give your child telepathically to overcome the TV addiction. This is actually true prayer. Prayer is sending forth an intention and sending forth an intention is telepathy.

The child will begin to feel animated----> excited, enthusiastic, and uplifted in your presence. That is the electrical power of your prayer acting on the child's aura through your own aura. This is called the grace or anointing moving in your presence.

The child will also begin to feel pulled----> attracted, invited, and welcomed in your presence. That is the magnetic power of your prayer acting on the child's aura through your own aura. This is also called charisma or your higher presence.

Communication happens with energy first. When you work with energy you will never be wrong. Energy will always prove you right or wrong. Energy holds the truth of your outcome. What you have been feeling will come to pass.

Feeling is created through what you focus on. What you focus on is your conscious or unconscious choice. Become conscious of your focus point and you can change your feelings and create positive power.

The atmosphere or the Ether is the path through which you channel your energy into things and people. The path is always available.

To send forth intention is true power. But intention cannot move without energy. Energy is feeling and feeling is the animating essence of intention.

Intention creates image and image becomes animated by feeling. An intention sent forth behaves like a spirit with an assignment. "My words (spoken power) are spirit (intention) and life (energy)" Jesus Christ.

The feeling is the energy.

The nature of the feeling is the intention you place inside the feeling using an image. A negative image or intention will generate a toxic energy.

A positive image or intention will generate a positive energy. A divine image or intention will generate a divine energy.

The attention is the focus point or where you are directing the power.

In many motion pictures we have been shown how a magic wand is used. It is used through focused energy or pointing the magic wand toward something specific to change its nature or its course.

As you continue to work with auragram watch how you level of focus and attention will begin to change. Your true power is focused energy.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

Design Your Life Purpose With Steps To Create Your Life Dream Journal

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Spiritual Student | Warehouse Manager

Alain and Danielle are a couple that has given me clarity in my vision through their spiritual teachings. When I met my amazing teachers, I was at a point in my life where I was unsure of where to maneuver my self, where to place my energy, and what my calling is to this world. By making these lessons practical and productive I am moving towards my goal of becoming my best self for the betterment of those around me. As a student of theirs, I know my life will never be the same again because if this amazing couple. Their wisdom and guidance is something truly nourishing to the mind, body, and soul. I believe you have come here for a reason just as I have. You deserve to live one happy life, so answer the call to your highest self and invest into these life changing, practical and powerful lessons. 

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Spiritual Student | Yoga Instructor 

Alain and Danielle have been true and living angels in my life. They have revolutionized everything, from my finances, to my spirituality, to my relationships and everything in between. They have gifted me the practical perspective of spirituality that every human being deserves to know. For that, I am endlessly grateful. If you are reading this, and life has brought you to this page, please invest into yourself. Consider this the answer you have been seeking, and your pathway back to happiness

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Christy Jones

Holistic Health & Mindfulness Coach

With Alain’s teachings I have been able to understand what vibrational alignment is and then do the
work to clear out damaging vibrations in my aroura that would prevent me from living my true-life
purpose and my most joyful life. His gift of being able to see what I needed, teach it in a way that was
easy to understand and brake down into simple steps was very effective for me. Learning the power of
the point of yes has also be foundational in training my mind to create a more peaceful way of being.
These trainings have changed how I feel in life and how I understand the world we live in. These
concepts have flowed into my work with my own clients, the schools I teach in and vision I have of the
future. It is has allowed to know myself and others in a deep and profound way. It has changed every
aspect of my life. I will be forever grateful for this work with Alain. I had no idea what to expect and I
trusted his presence and the energy he is. With gratitude. 

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Spiritual Student | Speech Therapist

Alain & Danielle are such phenomenal people who have tremendously impacted my life with the love, compassion, and authenticity that they continuously give. When I met them I was at a place in my life where I was scared, exhausted and desperately searching for answers. They truly have brought hope and joy back into my life & have led me to a true place of love, forgiveness, & acceptance. When you take this course you will be blown away by its practicality & truthfulness.

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Spiritual Student | Podcast Host

Alain & Danielle are an amazing couple that came into my life and changed it for the better. They have helped me to be better mentally,spiritually and socially. The best people that I can ever ask for. When they came into my life I was upside down and with there guidance and help they turned me right side up. If you are reading please take my word for it this is the prayer you have been asking God for. Make the decision and watch your life be transformed. Thank you Alain and Danielle.

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Spiritual Student | Art Therapist

Alain and Danielle Dagba are truly life changers with their simple spiritual principles with easy practical applications. I went from an anxiety- filled , unfocused person who was unsure about life because I had stopped dreaming to becoming an inspirational speaker and art therapist. The teachings of Alain and Danielle have unlocked my ability to dream and have opened  the door for me so that I am walking in my purpose in life with a boldness and certainty I have never had before.  If you are truly looking for a lasting change in the most positive way in your life, their teachings is the solution.


Spiritual Therapist

I’m so grateful to have met Alain and Danielle, there ministry has brought me back from the dead. Spiritually, when I meet them I was in a place where I couldn’t recognize myself. Putting into practice their teaching has brought me to a place where I see myself as a Divine being, who is capable to give love and receive love, in the most miraculous way. If your looking to be revived, this couple and their teachings will do the job.


Spiritual Student | Attorney

Pst. Dagba and his wife, through their spiritual parenting sessions, have been pouring into my family for over two years now. As a result of their teachings, my marriage is thriving like never before, my business is prospering like never before and my spiritual growth has been literally out of this world!


Spiritual Student | Entrepreneur 

My Daughter Nikkie told me, sometime around August 2019, that I should attend Alain and Danniele’s Sunday Service, because she’s known, I’ve been searching for freedom, as my life seemed to be getting darker. So I attended the service , ...and have been since then. For I have found, what I’ve been looking for...I am experiencing, what I am learning. What I am importantly learning is, I MUST PRACTICE, ALL THAT I LEARN. I am actually, now practicing. Practicing to think  positive. ONLY POSITIVE, only be free and truly happy. I’m seeing, feeling, and witnessing this True and Genuine kindness surrounding me, Thus, my thoughts are thinking positive, It’s a practice, 
But I see that, it is through this practice I can feel and think only good thoughts


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