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Wearing Positive Affirmations Can Bring "Good Luck"

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

For example, this particular T-shirt says, "The Universe supports me". What we don't realize is that what people think toward us is like a wave-particle of thoughts also known as frequency that they vibrate into our aura by directing their attention toward our body. You have probably heard the phrase "where attention goes, energy flows". This is an absolute truth. Wearing something positive that everyone can read is almost like turning oneself into a talisman of good luck.

Here is another one. This one says, "I attract people with high vibration". You cannot wear this T-shirt unless you are someone with a high vibration. This goes to tell you that what we put on our body speaks volumes of who we are and what we feel as a mood. Opportunities come with meeting people--especially strangers. By wearing this T-shirt, you can't help it but to notice that only people with positive attitudes and a happy mood will talk to you about what is written on it with great positive feedback. They are the ones you are speaking to and are causing to interact with you.

What you wear not only keeps your awareness in a certain specific mood, but it also reflects back to you the energy you are creating in your aura. Luck is a law that manifests through the type of vibration we carry in our aura and the type of frequency we send into the universe which is picked up subconsciously by others telepathically. You attract what you are. This Tank Top says, "I am guided". Wearing such a message creates in your awareness a sense of relaxation and peace of mind, especially subconsciously.

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