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We've Recovered The Lost Ancient Prayer Technique: Scripting

"It remember the vision feeling like a dream. But I knew I was not in a dream. Whether I was out of my body or not, I could not tell. To me by now, after many years of meditation, both out or in the body feel the same. But I was shown this ancient man. He was writing on the walls of a cave pointing at the moon using what appeared to be a rock in his right hand. Then the scene changed. The same man was shown to me again. He was this time writing on a tree. I asked the Spirit of the Lord what this man was doing. I could not read what he was writing. It was not a language that could be read. It was a line of symbols. Then the Spirit of the Lord told me: "He is scripting". - Teacher Alain Dagba

Scripting is not typing. We have used this vision Alain is speaking of here to manifest so many desires. This works like magic. But if you are going to do it, you have to use a pen and paper. Not your computer. The interaction your brain, your body, and your psyche have with electronic devices is different from the interaction that occurs writing with your hands.

The lines in your hands are wires God has meticulously designed to connect your brain and your subconscious mind to the universe. One with the ability to spiritually read energy-data, can read your entire subconscious by looking into your hands. They are often called fortune tellers. But we encourage you to be a fortune creator. Create your own fortune.

The universe is the crib God has placed you into. It contains everything you need for life. The universe is known as the cosmos. The word cosmic comes from cosmos. The universe is a body of laws or cosmic laws. All invisible laws are cosmic. Cosmic laws are to obey you by default. So, be intentional about what you are often desiring and thinking.

Your intentions and prayers are answered by laws. There are physical laws and there are spiritual laws. To pray is to co-create with the universe. To desire is to co-manifest with the universe. Your body is like a sponge, The universe is like the ocean. The universe fills you through and through. Your body is socking in the cosmic water of light particles right now.

God has designed the universe with laws to supply man's needs. The farmer can only co-create. He will clean his soil. He will dig holes. He will plants seeds. But he cannot make the seeds grow. He cannot make the sun shine. He cannot make the rain fall. That's the part the universe has to play. If he tries to play the part of the universe he will kill the seeds. You life must be the result of cosmic co-creation.

So, man must know his limit. For the knowledge of his limit is his obedience to the law of co-creation. The universe is your co-worker. There is no such thing as creating. Creation is finished but creating is eternal. Creating and taking from creation to manifest creation in many forms. For example a tree is creation. But chairs are creation manifested into another form through creating.

There is only co-creating. Man has invented airplanes. But if the universe does now supply the aerodynamic law of lift that keeps the plane in the air, the plane cannot fly.


There are physical laws and spiritual laws. Gravity is a a physical cosmic law. But there are also spiritual cosmic laws. The law of sowing and reaping which is known as karma is a spiritual cosmic law. The law of serendipity which is known as luck is a spiritual cosmic law. The law of synchronicity which is known as coincidence or accident is a spiritual cosmic law. The law of attraction which is known as chance is also a spiritual cosmic law. All four laws are ruled by one senior principle. The principle of telepathy.

All these four laws are placed at your disposal to co-create with the universe your desire. The universe is the kitchen God has placed man into to provide him with all the tools and ingredients to cook his own meal.

Before your prayers are uttered they have been given, For the day God gave the trees he also gave the chairs, the tables, and all the other things you can carve out of the trees. But can you see the chairs and the tables inside the tree? That is the question.

The day God gave you his breath he breathed the entire universe into your body. But can you see your desires and carve them out of your breath? That is the question. Scripting will help you do this.

God by giving you these laws has already answered your prayers. Like a fool will harn himself by trying to run an engine he knows nothing about, man harms himself with the laws of the universe he knows nothing about. Ignorance is not absence of knowledge. Ignorance is knowledge of the wrong thing. Because humans have not been taught in school these laws, life becomes hard for them to live. So man is gambling his life away with assumptions. Laws work by precision not by superstitions.

Scripting is being an intentional farmer who understands the laws and chooses his seeds carefully with precision. Such a farmer is a wise man or woman. Wisdom is the knowingness of the absolute. You are a farmer by default. You are always planting and harvesting.

Through scripting we want to teach you how to point your desires to the moon or your intellect, so that it may generate divine sparkling ideas or stars into your consciousness or inner sky for success. Scripting is creating the map of your life so that the GPS of God or the Universe may be able to navigate with you properly to your destination. You should teach your children how to script their future.

Man is been given kingship over his world. But a king without laws cannot rule. Laws give power to the king. Without the knowledge of laws the king becomes a slave by default. By knowing these laws a slave becomes a king. Because through scripting he can create his life dream journal and present it to the universe.

The universe does not know what you want until you can properly script it and dream it and give it power through gratitude of having already received. Gratitude generates feeling and feeling is creative power. Intentional feeling is cosmic mood. The mood creates the fortune not the other way around.

By using our recent most powerful spiritual audio program: AURAGRAM, students have reported through the guided meditation in the program how they were able to remove blockages to the confusions they were holding subconsciously against themselves about the direction they should take in life.

A person without a destination in mind cannot receive a direction. A person with no direction cannot receive instructions. Instructions are for direction and direction is for a destination. Scripting is needed by everyone who want to live a happy and fulfilling life. Lovers need it for their relationship. Entrepreneurs need it for success.

If you don't know what you want you will attract what you don't want by default. Not knowing something is knowing nothing. What you know is what you attract. If nothing is all you know then nothing is what you will attract. And nothing is anything. Knowing what you want causes the laws of the universe to become selective about what to bring into your life; for all spiritual laws work by telepathy.

You telepath with the cosmic laws and they telepath with you and everything and everyone else to bring you your reality. This makes you a co-creator by default. You can either create consciously and unconsciously.

Conscious creation is intentional creation through the principles of order and clarity. Unconscious creation is miss-creation through self-sabotaging tendencies and impulses. Now is the time to become conscious and clear about your life through scripting by using your life dream journal.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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1 Comment

Sheri Galvanized
Sheri Galvanized
Apr 04, 2020

Thank you Alain for your teachings. I am blessed that our paths have crossed.

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