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Unmask The Energy Behind The Datum

What we call a datum is a piece of information created by your brain to condition your action or inaction. The datum is often noticed as a thought. For example, one of our clients said to us, "I am done with the whole idea of marriage" [after having gone through multiple cases of divorce].

We asked her why? "I guess I am not lucky when it comes to marriage". That answer she gave was a piece of information, a datum that is conditioning her from acting on being with someone--a romantic partner. Instead of unmasking the datum to see the real energy behind it, she did what most people do, she made a conclusion to avoid an experience. In her case it will be the experience of falling in love with someone and doing life with that person.

Whenever we fail to unmask a datum, we choose to avoid. Yet, what we avoid we attract by law because our mind is on it and we keep vibrating at the same frequency as it. In fact, avoiding causes us to be disconnected from the desires of our true authentic self. And when we are disconnected from the desires of our true authentic self, we are also disconnected from our SELF, which is love.

You remember the moments during some days that you felt joyful, amazing, and at peace? Those were the moment you were truly in contact with who you truly are: Love. When we make contact with our true Self, even for a few moments, we feel really really good. Feeling good is feeling God, and God is good and we are of good.

So we asked our client, "how do you feel each time you say, 'I am done with the whole idea about marriage. I am not lucky in that area'"? She was honest and said, "For some reasons I don't feel good. I feel a feeling of rejection, abandonment, and not wanted." From her answer we helped her see that those feelings are not representing her true Self as Love. This means that her decision to avoid being married was not in agreement with her truest desires--the desires of her authentic Self as Love.

"What must I do?" She asked. "You have to unmask the energy behind the datum." Since she could not understand, we went on to share with her how the energy behind every datum is exposed when data are scattered and spread apart. The energy behind every datum hides because the data has formed a bush and the mind cannot see through.

Then we took her through the process of scattering data and sure enough, the energy showed up. It was the fear of repeating the same marriage stories as her mom which was transferred to her when her mom conceived of her. After verifying with her mother, the fact where true. When the mother was pregnant with her, she was going through her third divorce and was repeating those same words, "I am done with the whole idea about marriage. I am not lucky in that area"

So, whatever decision you may have made in your life toward an action or an inaction, ask yourself if it feels good or you are just forcing it from a place of avoidance because you don't know what else to do. Most of the time, there is an energy behind the datum of the decision, not showing its real face, keeping you guessing and stumbling into thousands of assumptions and making your life miserable.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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