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Today is a new day

Today is a new day for those who want to see it that way. It is a blank new canvas given to you to create your own happiness--whatever that means to you.

You decide to either think the same thoughts as yesterday and worry about the same things that are not working in your life, or move to the side of God (Love) by seeing the possibilities to be grateful for the things that are gravitating all around you right now.

You decide to connect to people who already love you no matter what and enthusiastically break out of your routines and step into places where you can meet new friends. It is all up to you.

Does your mind have you as a slave making you live in the same horror movie every single day, or have you made your mind your servant because you are a deliberate creator of how you want this day to be? Make this day your new art. Prioritize what matters to your experience of newness. Be a deliberate and a conscious creator. You are totally capable.

The Teachings Of Alain & Danielle Dagba

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