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The Joy Of Affirmations

Affirmations have become popular practices these days. We have used affirmations in tones of way to help people find clarity, make the right decisions, solve issues, connect to God, and pull into their personal universe wonderful opportunities.

However, for an affirmation to work effectively, we have found out that it must be filled with life, or energy, and it must have a soul or a picture. Affirmations are not just words. They must be made of three parts: A picture in mind, a feeling, and then the spoken words. What you speak must have an identity or an image. It must also be alive.

Affirmations are in fact prayers of declaration. They should first make you feel good, excited, empowered, and truly on cloud-9 if you do them well. You must declare, but declare what you see in your mind, the end result exactly how you want it to be. Without a picture or an image in mind, the creative Spirit of God in you does not see what you want. By forming the clear picture of your result, you are showing the unlimited power of God in you what you really want. The picture makes the prayer visible to God.

If you want to be married, then see the wedding day as happy as you want it. If you want a better marriage, then design the picture of that better marriage as perfect as you want it. If you want someone being healed, then see them healed in your mind and do the things they usually do when they are well. You get to see with your mind eye. Not only that, you get to step into the picture and experience it with your eyes closes. As you do this long enough, you will generate the feeling that Jesus called "As though you have already received it." (Read Mark 11: 24).

Is it a sale you want to make in your business? Are you trying to close on a deal.? Would you like to solve a conflict? Are you looking to buy a certain item? No matter what it is, you must spend time to create the picture in your mind. Make it clear. This step may take a few days to complete because our mind is always clouded with worries and fear which lead to uncertainty. In our recent book in writing meditation, many people have reported how by using the writing meditation technique every morning they were able to create more connection with the indwelling presence of God, have more clarity for their day, and became more at peace knowing what they expect each day to be and feel like.

So, the picture you have in mind gives direction to your prayer while the feeling the picture creates gives life to the prayer. To affirm is to speak into the universe or the cosmic soil around you words filled with a picture and energy like planting a seed. It is only from the overflow of the heart that the mouth should speak as Jesus will say (Read Matthew 12: 34). So, take your time to design your prayer; for God has given you the power to speak into existence the things that are not as though they were.

The Teaching Of Alain and Danielle

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