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The Feeling Of A Thing Is The Thing Itself

We have taught it over and over again, that the feeling of a thing is the thing itself. What does this mean? Supposed you have a cat in your home. The real cat is the feeling you have about the cat. That's what we are literally saying to you.

The feeling you hold about your spouse is your real spouse inside your body. Not the one outside your body. The feeling you hold about yourself is the self that acts through you. The feeling of a thing is the thing itself.

The way you feel about your home is the real home as a feeling or energy in your heart. The feeling of something is the actual thing. The feeling you hold about money is your real money. Reality begins in the heart because you can't really have an experience with anything on the outside.

What you call an experience is within you as a feeling or an energy moving in your heart and throughout your body. The past is not on a time line. The past is a feeling inside you. Change the feeling and you chance the past. If you change the feeling of a thing inside your heart it won't be long before your relationship with its physical representation also changes.

When you change the way you are looking at something or you feel about something, the thing you are looking at (in its physical aspect) also changes. To look at something is to perceive it through your mind eye. And you perceive through your mind eye from your feeling. Your feeling determines what your mind eye sees.

If you feel angry about your friend, the anger inside your heart is your real friend you have created in that moment. As a consequence, you will perceive your physical friend through its energy version you hold in your heart as anger. You see the world through the lenses of your feelings.

You are recreating everything that is outside inside you as your reality. The reality you create as a feeling or energy is the one you will experience. It can make you sick or healthy, happy or unhappy, successful or a failure. Change your feelings about something and you are seeing something totally different in the outside world.

The world has trained you to see reality outside. Yet, you see people watching movies and crying and laughing. In that moment they forget that the movie is not the real thing. How? Because their brain is interpreting what they are seeing as a feeling. The real movie is happening inside them.

With this knowledge you can hold the entire universe inside your heart. How? Through they way you feel about the universe. Your feeling about the universe is the real universe inside you and that is the universe you are living in. It will work for you as you have designed it. You believe the world is a mean place? Well, that is the world you are living in and will experience; because it is living inside you as a feeling determining your perception, your choices, and your decisions. It shall be done unto you according to your faith or creation.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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This is a simple truth of spiritual principles explaining the Universe. We are truly powerful creators from the place of imagination. This truth is so easy to digest and creates an instantaneous letting go all other information. Thank you again Alain and Danielle

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