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The Beauty Of Being A Salesperson

There is nothing more elevating in the human spirit than having something worth using to connect to others, to defeat the fear of rejection, and to become a magnetic and attractive human being than salesmanship.

Salesmanship is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humanity that only a few--the upper class, they often call them, has discovered. If a poor person or a middle class person will embrace the true meaning and power of salesmanship, in less than five years he will live a very comfortable life, set his family on the map of the wealthy with a legacy that could be passed down to his next generation.

Wealth is about freedom. Freedom is the real name of money. And the true essence of money is peace of mind and time to fulfill one's calling and the purpose one has come on earth to achieve. Wealth means more time with family, friends, and a significant other. Wealth means love spreading in a big way on the planet through philanthropy. Wealth means having options, creating memories, and traveling. Wealth means making others wealthy.

Having a degree and landing a good career for oneself should be a temporary thing; not our destination. Being in a business for oneself with products and services that will enable us to step out of the world of machines and robots to become humans again is a privilege of a lifetime.

Now, why will anyone not want that? Salesmanship is been viewed as a low type of work even as an embarrassment. We've met people who are struggling financially but will reject opportunities presented to them with these words, "If I have to sell something then I don't want it." Yet they are buying every single day. Those words are psychic programs to keep them poor; and they don't even know it.

But we have both been salespeople for the longest time and we love it. We love selling because salespeople are making this world move forward and we want to be part of those who move the world forward. Try it for yourself and you will see how many resistances you will learn to overcome internally.

Salespeople are leaders and leaders are readers. Salespeople understand the human social tendencies than anyone else because they are always dealing with our social impulses and rising above them. That's why they have to read and keep learning. Do you know that most people's dream stop at the creation level because they are afraid of crossing that resistance to sell what they have created? Amazing!

This is something Alain wrote to encourage our business team to embrace the privilege of being salespeople:

"Every single day through this business opportunity I have been Awakened more and more to the truth that the art of selling and creating a business team with other humans for the sole purpose to provide services and make a comfortable living, has absolutely nothing to do with making money--which comes way after.

I am raised to the beautiful revelation that being a salesperson and a connector, a builder of teams of wonderful people is a Spiritual Evolution of man's consciousness into a realm where he is free from all forms of fears and free from the poor self-image syndrome that is destroying dreams and stealing humanity greatest treasure: Happiness." Alain Dagba

Everything you learn in spirituality and personal growth has to be applied beyond your fear of daring to be unique and different. What this means is to make a conscious choice to do what the average person will not do but will mock and reject as a subject of embarrassment. Then make a choice not to be part of the average. Find winners who are moving through this world with something to sell and you will see how powerful you will become.

Are there "bad salespeople" out there? of course--as anything. There are "bad parents", "bad clergy people" and almost a bad version of anything. Not that people are bad in essence, but because they are victim of tendencies they don't know how to cure. And if you can create something to even help them, you will become a salesperson with a big heart. We are always excited about creating something that the serious can purchase and use to better their lives; as our new spiritual program AURAGRAM which we believe is one of the greatest works we have put together for people to rise above fear and internal resistances.

So, put all excuses aside. Jesus was a carpenter and used to go to the market place with his father Joseph to sell in order to provide for the family. Be proactive. The economy is changing. Be in a business for yourself. That's how Jesus was known as the son of the carpenter. He use to sell furniture. This explain how he learned to be so go with connecting with people and knowing how to interact with them with wisdom and intelligence. If you want to know where to start, let us know in the comment box below. If you have questions, put the question in the comment box below.

The Teaching Of Alain and Danielle

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