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Telepathy Through Your Aura with AURAGRAM

Telepathy can no longer be denied reality in our today's world. Almost everyone has experienced telepathy in some ways, shapes, or forms. You think of someone, they call you. Someone yawned next to you, and you feel like yawning. Someone is staring at you from behind and you felt it and you were right. Just to name a few examples.

Telepathy is a natural ability of the mind we have not been taught to develop. So, it sounds spooky when you hear about it. So, learn to relax about the subject. There is absolutely nothing scary about it. Tele-Pathing is to communicate (Tele) through a path (Ether).

If light was considered the fastest particle to travel through space, something more lighter than light are thoughts. Thoughts travel faster than light, because they are invisible particles with less weight that we vibrate through the ether. Thoughts are things--real particles. That's why they can feel heavy and can make people sick. Thoughts have mass.

But here is what will appear a little bit spooking to you. When your thoughts vibrate into the ether, they borrow the intelligence of the cosmos to behave like a spirit or an invisible entity with a mind on its own. This being said, a thought can be sent to places or to a person. Incantations and spells work by thoughts alone imbued with feelings.

Negative thoughts released in a home can make the environment start feeling like someone is in the house seeking to harm. Thoughts are not just things. They also are "spirits". Jesus sent forth his thoughts of healing and healed a sick boy who was close to death miles away from where he was standing. This was a telepathic power of the mind.

Jesus also demonstrated the telepathic power of the mind by speaking to winds, water, and a fig tree. He knew that thoughts are things and things are thoughts. Thoughts are real invisible particles which can borrow the intelligence of the cosmos once they are let out into the ether to accomplish that which they are sent forth to accomplish.

The words we speak are thoughts and feeling clothes with letters. So, we don't just speak. We vibrate thoughts and feeling into the cosmos. We will teach you through AURAGRAM how to vibrate your thoughts consciously in order not to telepath negative messages to others or receive negative messages from others.

When your through become feelings, they vibrate out of your body through concentration on the same thoughts into your aura. When the feeling enters the realm of the aura, it becomes a vibration. When the vibration moves into the realm of the ether or the cosmos, it becomes a frequency. A frequency is an energy-message you can direct to a thing or a person.

prayer works through telepathy. Communication with invisible beings from the parallel dimensions such as angels and so forth also works through telepathy.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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