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Quote: The Dream

Life is meant to be an adventure. Not a routine. Life is meant to be risky. Not careless. But definitely not a comfortable trap. The human spirit likes to develop and expand. It is by doing so that it finds fulfillment. Our joy begins to die the moment we lose sight of the dream to continuously give birth to a greater version of us by seeking new exciting adventures to take part of.

Each day should make you new, because each day demands that you make new decisions and new choices. And each new decision and choice demand that you unveil and explore another side of you. Now, that's exciting. You should wake up every day saying, "today I love myself because by loving myself I expand and by expanding I connect to others." And be intentional about this.

This is the dream that will make all your other dreams come true. The dream to become more, better, and greater every single day. as you always look forward to something magnificent and worth daring yourself for. All your other dreams are waiting on this dream to give them life. You are here to expand and to become more than what you were a few years ago, even a few hours ago. Go for it. Do it. Unapologetically.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle


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