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Quote - John C . Maxwell

We personally had a chance and the privilege to meet John C. Maxwell. John C. Maxwell is one of the leadership trainers and "gurus" that we personally respect because of the simplicity of his wisdom and the pragmatism within his lessons. This is one of his quotes on leadership.

What you can see determines what you can be.

John C. Maxwell (Developing The Leader Within You 2.0

In the book he spoke about four kinds of people when it comes to seeing the truth or an opportunity or anything that can make life better.

  1. The wanderers - Those who can't see it

  2. The Followers - Those who see it but don't pursue it

  3. The Achievers -Those who see it then pursue it

  4. The Leaders - Those who see it, pursue it, and help others pursue it

The truth is we all have been or will be one of these people at one point of our earthly journey. We are sure there has been a time or a moment in your life when you were wondering not knowing exactly what you want and where you were heading. Then you moved pass that stage and begin to narrow down your thoughts as to what you really want for yourself and your life.

The key is to make sure you do not remain a wanderer for too long because that will cripple your creativity and your natural sense of adventure which help you experience aliveness and meaningfulness. Everyone has to be a follower to some degrees in life. People follow leaders and leaders follow a vision and principles.

There has to be something that you follow. Following is not the issue. People get things done by following instructions, advises, and great mentors. So following is not a problem. But following without the desire to one day become the one someone else follows is the issue. Being an achiever is good. But being a leader is more than good. It is great.

Leadership is about expanding your soul. When you begin to live beyond the walls of me, myself, and I, your personal achievement becomes small in comparison to all the achievements you help others achieve. Leadership is about influence and influence brings affluence. Affluence leads to legacy.

You are here to expand. Your soul wants to expand. When you start expanding you cease to be a local consciousness. You become non-local, a quantumic reality or ENERGY. People feel your presence in your physical absence and your energy dwells in their psyche, guiding them as a voice coming from their own soul. When you become energy you can be in different places at the same time.

A leader expands himself or herself into others. There is one question you can begin to ask yourself to begin the journey of expansion: WHAT ENERGIES HAVE I COME TO SERVE OTHERS ON THE PLANET? This is the question that has changed our lives and our vision of life for good. Once you can answer this question as clearly as you can, you will begin to see, pursue, achieve, and help others achieve.

We call the energies we came to serve others: BEWAM. We believe that Alain and Danielle have come on earth to show humans and help them feel how Beautiful, Extraordinary, Wonderful, Amazing, and Magnificent they are. Everything we do has to transfer those five energies. This is also called intentional living. When you know what you came to give, you become intentional and cease to be a wanderer. There is a glow of hope and empowerment that comes into people's eyes in your presence (See The Picture Below).

The energies you have come to deliver will show you what you have come to do to deliver it. Most people start with the actual thing and get confused. They spend years searching for what they came to do on earth. Start with the energies. How would you like people to feel about themselves when you show up, when you speak, when you create anything that you put out into the world? That is the beginning of your journey of leadership on earth.

Be aware of the question one more time. We are not asking how people will feel when you show up, when you speak , or when you create anything that you put out into the world as a book, an art, a food recipe, or an invention. We are asking how they will feel about themselves when you show up, speak, or put out into the world anything you create. It's about them.

Once you determine those feelings or energies you would like people to feel through your presence or your work, begin to channel those energies to others on a daily basis in any possible way you can through intentional living.

Start keeping record in a personal journal of the reactions and what you notice in people when you apply this philosophy. You will be amazed to see how quickly you will begin to expand and tap into a higher level of confidence and influence. This will change your life.

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