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Quote: Filter Everyone, Fast.

"If you want everyone to like you, you will suffer. You did not show up here in this earthly experience to be loved or liked by everyone. No one can be liked by everyone. So, bury that idea immediately if your wish is to rise in life and enjoy your earthly experience.

Once that is done, you must determine what types of energies you believe you have come here to deliver on planet earth. I am not talking here about what you have come to do. I am talking about the energies you have come to deliver.

As for me and my wife, we know without a hint of a doubt that we have come to show how humans are wonderful, beautiful, amazing. magnificent, and powerful. These are the energies we have come to deliver. That's why we are here.

Once you determine why you came, dedicate 70% of your time to create avenues that will generate those energies and deliver them into the world and to others. Filter your relationships and spend 70% of your time with those who are vibrating at the similar frequency with the energies you came to deliver.

When you don't know what you came to deliver or when you are not sure about it, you hold onto every relationship and you seek for everyone to like you. By doing so you are bond to betray your earthly assignment.

I, personally, always make sure that those who don't like my ideas, concepts, and teaching quickly unfriend me, disconnect from me, and vanish from my universe. This is the best thing that can ever happen to you. If they stay into your circle double-minded they will hold you down telepathically and spiritually. So, make sure they leave quickly.

This filtering process will allow you to know that those who have stayed are meant to be in your universe to facilitate your earthly agenda. Jesus lost a large amount of people less than a few seconds because of his teaching. He was glad and asked his 12 if they also want to leave.

You must let people choose themselves to stay by being authentic to who you are and your message. You must desire for this filtering to take place as soon as possible to avoid the temptation to want to please everyone and begin to edit your earthly mission and message to make everyone happy."

_ Alain Dagba

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