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Make Your Aura Shine Through AURAGRAM

Everything in creation is made of light. From our cells to particles in matter, there is a core universal essence that appears like a photon or a shinning dot of light. This is because everything is made of light.

When our heart and body are flooded with Enthusiasm (God Awakened Within), these photons glow and we can experience their response to our state of emotions and feelings of exuberance as goosebumps or an electrical current moving through our body.

Jesus Christ demonstrated the photonic body through a process called transfiguration as an example of what we are really made of. This photonic body beyond gross matter reveals itself as a glowing body-shape-like vibrant light of colors around us when we are swimming in the flow of enthusiasm.

Through AURAGRAM we lead people into enthusiasm; the awakening of God within. The power of this enthusiasm is beyond the regular state of joy we experience when we get a good news or when something good is happening in our lives. This joy is more like a bliss or a state of spiritual drunkenness. Saint Paul called it "being drunk in spirit".

It is a state of unspeakable joy where there is no need to try to be fearless or to try to have faith. They are there automatically. What seemed to be impossible or to require some mental efforts, we find ourselves doing naturally.

When enthusiasm is awakened in the energy centers of the body, the concentrated version of the photons in these energy centers bursts into fire, causing all the energy centers to line up through our spine as a single light, shooting a glow of golden circle or flame around our head. Saint Paul called it a "crown of glory."

This auric crown of glory is not visible to everyone. But when we have it, people can see it. Not with their naked eyes. But their intuitive eye usually notices and they will say something like, "there is something different about you today."

What is different is what their intuitive dove eye is perceiving in the realm of energy. They are perceiving this glow of lights from their own aura, but they do not most of the time know. You are made of lights. You are meant to shine and beam through life daily. When you become immersed into enthusiasm, you glow and automatically become magnetic to others. This is why we invented AURAGRAM to help you glow in enthusiasm and help the planet glow with you.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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