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Live Beyond The Zodiac Signs

Today we are going to take you a little deeper. Maybe too deep for some people. But this message is been called upon by many souls. Therefore we must speak it and trust the wisdom of God in you to illuminate you.

Man's mood determines his fortune; for the universe reads man's mood to design the outcome of his life. Your moods are not just feelings. They are messages.

Your higher SELF, or the God-SELF or the CHRIST within you is not bound to zodiac signs. He or She is the master of all signs, days, symbols, and months.

Of course, we know, this knowledge is not for all; for to live beyond the zodiac is to become your own solar system where every event of your life gravitates around you like planets under the power of your magnetism. The scriptures call it a life of dominion.

The sun, the moon, and the stars are within man. In the epoch humans were seeking to find meaning to the universe and themselves, they sought for the truth outside themselves in the cosmos until they realized that they were a cosmos unto themselves.

Man is the microcosm of the macrocosm. The smaller version or the whole--yet holographic in essence. Know thyself and thou shall know the universe. Your destiny is not written in the stars, they are written in the divine ideas (stars) in your consciousness (sky).

The moon does not have its own light. The moon shines with the light reflected upon it by the sun. You are the I AM, pure awareness, called to wear the sun as a garment thus become the sun of God or the son of God--absolute wisdom, the mind of Christ.

When Jesus transcended all symbols (signs of the zodiac) he became the sun. This is called transfiguration. The light of the world. The moon does not have its own light. Your intellect is the moon of your consciousness. It thinks or shines only with a portion of the light reflected upon it from your solar plexus, the sun or the infinite wisdom inside you.

You are called to rise above the symbols and the fate prescribed by the zodiac in order to create your own days and hours of the day. It is for freedom you have come into this mortal body.

Everyday is a blank canvas given to you to paint your reality. Use your thoughts as your brush and your emotions as your paints and your imagination as your artist or the I AM to paint your day as you wish. Don't live by luck or chance; for life is not to be gambled.

We are told in scriptures that Jacob has twelve sons. But one of them called Joseph has a dream that the moon and the sun and the eleven stars were bowing down to him. He was the eleventh son of Jacob.

In the zodiac Aquarius is named the eleventh sign. Joseph was the symbol of the miracle of the eleventh hour, when man is called to work in the inner vineyard of his heart and become the ruler of the sun and the moon and the stars. The eleventh hour is the moment man becomes aware that he is the master of his own fate using faith.

It is no coincidence that the twelfth sign of the zodiac is Pisces or fish, the symbol of Jesus Christ and his work. The twelfth or the last stage of man's realization that he is an extension of the DIVINE. In this realization he transcends the zodiac.

The human nature must reach this level of consciousness--the eleventh hour--where he reaches the eleventh hour baptism of water (Aquarius or water baptism before fire (sun) baptism)) which is the last hour of the illusion that he is to be the governor of the elements of the universe.

You are created to create. Once man comes to this realization, he can move to the twelve level of awareness and have the sun (wisdom) and the moon (intellect) at his command. He will wear the garment of light or of the sun and be covered with fire. This is the transfiguration. He has become wisdom.

Man is created to think like God and be like God. We are told in scriptures to be imitators of God, and that the New Self is born in us to be like God in true holiness and righteousness.

So wake up and create your fortune. The mind that is split between fortune telling and telling its own fortune brings confusion upon its owner.

The magi who came to see Jesus when he was born in a manger (among animals which is the symbol of the Christ in us born into our animal instincts or zodiac signs) were astrologers. They represented the three kinds of wisdom the Christ within you needs to rise out of the manger and become the sun or the morning star; for the sun is the morning star.

As long as man is bound to the zodiac signs he is not free. The zodiac signs are the symbols of our karmic lives bound to our instincts and impulses that create a life below our true nature: DIVINE.

The one who would like to live above karma or the consequences of sin must live beyond the zodiac. In scriptures we have seen the Christ rise above his twelve disciples so they may become spiritualized and attain high consciousness.

The twelve signs of the zodiac, the twelve tribes of Israel, and the twelve disciples of Jesus, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve day-hours and twelve evening-hours are not random happenstances. Those who designed them are much aware of what they were doing.

The earth is asking for humans who will rise to their true stature as the light of the world. In our program: AURAGRAM we take you through that process of meditation where you see all things as light in order to become light. Only then shall your love for yourself and all things and all people become pure and authentic.

He who lives in the world of duality wants his fortune told and his luck cast. But the sons and daughters of Love create their own luck; because they are gods born out of God. The scriptures tell us that "ye are gods, ye children of the most high, but you will die like man (your body will fall into dust)."

Come to the house of wisdom and learn the secret path that leads to freedom. You are called to design your own day and choose your own mood. For indeed the zodiac movement in consciousness makes man slave to karmic cycles of energies that lead to uncontrollable events.

You are not created to match your life with horoscope. You are created to restructure your life at will and transcend the horoscope by faith; for your fate is not a written history but an unwritten mystery for you to design. Rise and have fun creating it.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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