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Let go of control

Make enough time to think and to plan if you are going to live a productive life. By planning we are not suggesting that you should become a control freak. Actually, we want you to lose control because that's the only time you really feel in control: When the greater part of you takes control because the smaller part of you has finally given up control.

We want you in the realm of flow versus force. When we are using force, everything becomes frozen and stagnate. When we use flow, everything becomes liquid and fluid. Things move faster when they flow.

What you do imitates the energy you do it with. So, planning requires a specific time to think but mostly to dream. You dream of the outcome in order to start the project with the feeling of the end happy result. In other words, you finish [in imagination] before you start [in action].

Trying to control everything and forcing yourself to achieve anything keeps you in a box. Relax. Remember that no one is carved out for success. So, you have to make it happen anyway. Whether you force the process or you flow with the energy of the end result accomplished, you have to be the one to make the success happen regardless. So, you might as well choose to have fun with it.

So, plan the things you will be able to do once the reward of the project, the dream, or the goal is reached. What will you do differently? What will change about you and your lifestyle? Who will you help? Where would you rather live? Where will you go? Who will you spend more time with? What will you buy? Are there other things you will do?

This is how you plan to start a dream, a goal, or a project: in the vibration of the end result. Each time you are getting ready to work on the project, the dream, or the goal, allow yourself to write down, to imagine, and to read aloud to yourself the end result until you produce within your body the vibration of joy and passion. This vibration is the flow that will make the process feel like a fun adventure filled with creativity and a lot of health.

The Teaching Of Alain and Danielle

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