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Knowing The Right Timing To Act

Time is a perception. Timing is a feeling. If you can control timing you can change time. You can make any time favorable to you through timing control or timing adjustment. And you can actually co-create the right timing with your subconscious mind to wake you up without an alarm clock, to get married, to go somewhere, to buy something, or to do anything of a great importance to you. Each time it will be the right timing with no question.

The creator lives in man and gives him power to adjust timing. God did not create the time in your clock or on your calendar. God only created nights and days. Humans designed time through the process of fragmentation in order to monitor their activities. But God did not create our time and calendars. So, speaking to God according to the human time is a vain activity.

Here we will teach you how to deal with realm time which is called timing. Timing is the only thing that is real about the concept of time because it's a feeling. We are about to show you how to practice timing control. Timing is not something we need to wait for. As a matter of fact "timing" is waiting on you to act on it and to create it.

When people say, "this is not the right timing for me", what are they saying? They are talking about their feelings. They did not feel ready to act in the moment an opportunity was presented to them. When people say "it is not the right time for them" to be married, to start a business, or to begin a new endeavor, what are they talking about? Their feelings. But most have not noticed that they could actually change the feeling and adjust it according to their priorities.

You see, when your life does not have priorities your energy is scattered in many places, and the right timing never comes for you. Even if the right timing comes, fear will take it away as well as self-doubt. People whose lives are not organized make excuses to escape choosing the right timing, because they are afraid to change.

So, the first thing is to organize your life based on values. Our values are Finances, Family, Faith, and Freedom. The 4 Fs. We fight to maintain these values. If you can see the different activities in your life as various kinds of fruits, then your values are the baskets in which you categorize them by their kind. Without values activities are scattered and energy is wasted, So timing becomes hard to adjust.

Second, work with the four pillars of life. You may have many values, but try to pick the top four or five that are connected to the four pillars of our lives. These four pillars are the foundations of our lives. If you build them on sand they won't stand and you won't be happy. The sand represent information that cannot stand the tests of time. So build them on solid rocks or wisdom that cannot perish. Here are the four pillars of life.


Spirituality and Personal Development


Financial Freedom, Asset Building, and Legacy


Social Affinity, Marriage, and Parenthood


Healthy habits and diets, Psychological Well-being, and Self-Care

Third, prioritize. To prioritize is to focus energy on your values and the four pillars of your life and give most of your attention to the activities that support those values and the four pillars. Where you focus your attention there you develop the feeling or the energy for what you focus on.

For example, If I were to be asked to choose between going to watch a football game or going to a seminar on parenting on the same day and time, I will choose the seminar on parenting. Why? Because I have built a feeling or a timing for parenting as one of my most important values. Timing is a feeling. I will tell the person who gave me the proposition to go watch a football game that this is not the right "timing" or "feeling" for me. But could I adjust this feeling or timing? Yes.

You see, the day and the time to go watch the football game or go to the parenting seminar depended on my timing or feeling. And my timing is controlled by where I have been placing my attention the most. And where I have been placing my attention the most depended on my values and the four pillars of my life.

If you can change my feeling or timing (convince me otherwise) then my reaction to the time I choose to honor will also change. People can change your life's trajectory by changing your timing or feeling through perception shift. You can also become the master of time using your subconscious mind through imagination.

Often time we will go into a dreaming state, and imagine ourselves doing something we desire to do, like relocating to a new place--for example. We will repeat the experience for at least 12 nights and then let it go. There is already a feeling built for for what we want to do at the subconscious level.

Then one day, out of the blue (the inner sky), the subconscious mind will trigger or bring back the feeling with the flashing of the image of what we wanted to do in our mind. This is called vision. When the subconscious mind does, that is the right "timing" or "feeling" to do it. And when we act on it, everything works perfectly.

You see we created the timing or the feeling and time became our servant. Here time and the subconscious mind are synonymous. We did not wait for "time to tell". We tell time to serve. We became our own fortune tellers; for God in man is man's greatest fortune. Waiting for "time to tell" is serving time which is the same as being in prison and missing opportunities.

There is more to this mystery. But for now, use this wisdom we have shared with you and leave a comment or a question.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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