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Imagine Fabulously

You have a fabulous imagination. Fabulous is often defined as something being extraordinary--not any kind of extraordinary; but extraordinarily large. So, today, you have the choice to expand your creative tool: Your imagination, in the most outrageous and courageous way.

Your imagination is your gift of innocence that allows you to become a child again through playing with imaginary friends. That sounds outrageously large and out of the box right? Well, that's exactly what we want you to experience.

When you imagine this way--out of the box--we say you are imagining fabulously. As you do that, you move your entire body into a new spectrum of vibration formed by five different frequencies: Peace, Joy, Calmness, Connection To God, and Freedom. This is a worry free zone, where your soul feels ready to thrive and achieve anything.

The gift to speak to imaginary friends is something we have been practicing. You can actually create many scenarios well scripted where you speak to your best new friend who is not currently in your life, your next lover you have yet to meet, your new business partner that you will soon be connected to and so forth.

What we want to remind you is that all things already exists as energy or a vibration through the feelings that are being released by people in the universal field. Through fabulous imagining we invite the vibration of what we want into our private universe. or personal life

By doing so, we are also moving our body into the space we get to meet the physical aspects of these vibrations. Imagination is the only gate between the physical world and the spiritual or the energy world. If anyone tells you otherwise, it is a fraud, even if he or she looks like an angel. Your imagination is your single portal between the world of matter and the world of mind, the world of heavy mass and the world of subtle mass or vibration.

The imaginary friend you can also choose to talk to the most is your greater self: God, the indwelling presence of Love or Christ or the Holy Spirit in you. This is one the the greatest ways to create a deep communion with God and the laws of the universe. You can make God your imaginary friend and discuss all your dreams and upcoming miracles with Him, telling Him how your life will change the day those miracles will show up. This simple practice will change your life in the most significant way.

The Teaching Of Alain and Danielle

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