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How We Inspire Our Children

Your family could be a great gift to the world if you built it on strong and meaningful values. We have three children and one of the fundamental concepts of family we have taught them is the concept of values.

Values bring the family together as a unit and create an intentional connection between the members. As parents, we have made it our responsibility to present--on any occasion we can--to our children, our family vision.

As our children are growing older we also make sure they grow wiser and more grounded. Recently, we get to revisit our values together, edit them, modify them, and re-arrange them in order of priorities based where we are at right now and where we want to be few years from now.

In our living room we have a board that shows the family goals with each goal dated so that the family unit could understand the choices that we make as parents. Our values as we revisited them recently are as of now: Integrity, Connection, Free Expression, Compassion, and Support.

Beneath these values breathes the Spirit of God which is the eternal essence of being we have engraved in our children. Values are the rocks upon which principles are made and principles make up the the consulting ground of the choices and decisions that we make in life.

It's been a great blessing working with our children on different art projects using the words that make up our family values to crystallize the essence of those values within us.

We also have a chanting slogan that we say to empower each other and in this chanting slogan we included the words of the family values. The art works are to be placed on the walls that hug our home main stairway as a reminder of the things that make our family strong.

Children outside your home are protected by the values you instill in them. Those values should be named and well defined. The understanding of these values is what gives them power psychologically and spiritually.

These values represent the promise we made to each other to keep the family unit safe and progressing. As we sat down and work on our family vision or dream, we came to the decision that each family member from the youngest one (10), the middle one (15), to the oldest (21) should begin to learn entrepreneurial mindset in order to create massive wealth.

During our conversations, we love to hear our oldest speak of having a family symbol or a family seal; for after all we are children of God and the divine royal blood of Christ is flowing through our body. So, we are working on the family symbol now.

Seeing our children's reaction while giving them a larger vision of life was one of the most amazing thing. Helping your children to dream big and to dream large is very important. The larger the dream the bigger the heart and the stronger their desire to enhance their lives with productive activities and choices.

In our family vision we had: Traveling luxuriously and lavishly, Helping people in need, owning plazas, owning hotels, private jets, and so forth. Then we started to teach them the importance of having a millionaire mindset as a family and not to see luxury and opulence as something for "the rich" but a way to say to oneself that one deserves the best and work to afford the best.

Designing a strategy with your children to read books to create wealth so they can have financial freedom at a young age is not an option. It is a necessity for the world to come. Giving them those mindsets and working with them to pursue their dreams and enhance their talents and aspirations is the true meaning of parental inspiration.

We are showing our children how wealth is very important to create if we are going to impact the world with our callings and philanthropic projects by owning our time. Having money means owning your time to live life the way you have designed it and having peace of mind to develop your dream and your talents.

If you are reading this as a parent, and if some of these ideas speak to you, don't hesitate to start implementing them. If you pour a great life into your children, they will become a blessing to the society wherever they go.

Our children are also aware of how money moves in the house. How much comes in and how much goes out and how it is spent. We have introduced them to the importance of becoming good leaders and good salespeople because these are the minds that are moving the world forward.

The majority of the people in the lower class and the middle class have been trained to fear the word "selling" and that's why they will never rise above their class.

People in those two classes are often scared of opportunities because they have been programmed to do that. At each opportunity they ask, "do I have to sell?" Yet they are buying every single day. It is a dangerous program planted in their psyche to keep them poor. Make sure your children don't have that destructive program.

Teach your children the beauty of creating products, owning businesses, and having services they can sell to solve problems and participate in the economy of their country. Read our teaching on The Beauty Of Being A Salesperson for more details on this topic.

Teach your children not to ever be dragged into the deceiving idea that they have to work all their lives and miss out on their dreams and calling until they retire at the age of 65 or 70. That is the actual definition of failure.

Teach your children not to ever find their true significance in degrees and diplomas but in the human beings that they are and the values they carry plus the life of significance they get to live.

The world is changing fast and people don't care how much you know or how many degrees you have accumulated. The world has seen so many "intellectualistic minds" make weird and careless decisions. Now the world is moving to the center of the heart. People want to know how much you care and how much integrity you have.

Teach your children how to meditate, to quiet the mind. The mind is their greatest tool but can become their greatest enemy. Teach them how to love unconditionally and how to raise their energy above any fear of lack, scarcity, and limitations.

Teach your children to read great books. Teach them how to communicate. Instill in them people's skill and show them how to organize their time daily and be effective with intentional living.

Make sure you let them see the truth that there is no such thing as a "job security" and "retirement plan". That's living a life of mediocrity and boring routines that results in family dysfunction and depression.

Wake them up early while you still have time. Don't let technology raise your children. Be fully human with them. Have them start creating their own retirement plan with the right mindsets and you would have done a great job leaving a legacy for three generations and above.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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