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Gaining Confidence with AURAGRAM

Confidence is first a feeling, then a vibe (short for vibration). The way you feel about yourself creates a certain vibe about you which your prospects or clients can feel. By helping many people re-wire their brain about who they are, they were able to generate better and more attractive feelings about themselves which translates into more achievements and more financial returns. The human brain is a pharmacy.

Each emotion you feel is a chemical produced by the brain. Not feeling confident to speak to people, to share your ideas, to go to unfamiliar places, to sell, or to enter into a business partnership because of the fear of judgment and rejection is a psychological, physiological, bio-chemical, and an emotional challenge that can be corrected.

Through AURGRAM you get to redesign your subconscious self-image and re-wire your neuropathway inside your brain to support the best ideas you would like to hold about yourself in order to create the life that you want. Who you have always been cannot create the life of who you aspire to be.

You have to become the one to create your better life, do the things he or she will do, and then have the life that he or she will have. Deep down inside we all know that we are meant to be more, to do more, and to have more.

We know that beyond our excuses and fears there is a greater version of us; bigger than what our upbringing has wired into our brain. We know sometimes that may sound like a lot of work for the old you. But in truth it is not a lot of work; and we can only begin to see that when we start putting our heart into it instead of our intellect.

When we have a low self-image, we tend to doubt our capacities and limit ourselves. Of course our old self will always feel uncomfortable about anything new to what it is used to. The fear of the unknown is unnatural; because you can't fear what you don't know. You are basically fearing your own mental projection.

When we feel small everything feels bigger than us. When we feel unworthy, everyone is better than us, Your old self will even tell us that we are okay where we are at; that there is no need to desire for more. But deep down inside we know that our life is more than what we can eat, drink, wear, and where we can sleep. Even animals can do that. So, we are created for more. That's why we have a bigger intelligence. When we become greater more people get to benefit.

You see your world the way you see yourself--subconsciously. If you see yourself too small to accomplish big things, then you will live in a small world. Your deepest beliefs about yourself are shaping your world. It is time to start expanding beyond your world, to let those walls of insecurity and playing small fall and tumble down. Access the free eBook and the Video Intro about AURAGRAM and get familiar with this amazing resource we have made available to you. We believe you are meant for more. So do you deep down inside.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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