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Expanding Your Self

Today, you have the choice to love your self even more; for to love yourself a little bit more each day is to expand your self. When you restrict yourself or you forget to love yourself by closing yourself up, your soul does not feel right and loved by you.

Remember that there is you as a personality and there is your soul as your self. Your soul loves to expand itself through love. You should allow the energy of love to flow through you daily; for what water is to your body is what the vibration of love is to your soul.

When your soul is dehydrated because of love deficiency, you tend to feel grumpy and cranky. So, choose to expand your self by allowing your soul to experience love. How? To expand your self is to be interested in others; for a greater part of you is awakened only by connecting to others.

Here is an exercise that will have you experience the miracle of expanding your self and feeding your soul with love: Make it a goal to say hello to three strangers a day, to deepen your conversation with three different strangers a day about their name, where they live, what they do, their family, and what might be their dreams.

Trust us, you will be surprised how this small exercise will invite love into your soul. The way you will know that love has come in is the joy you will feel during and after the exercise.

Your soul will be so fed with love to the point your self will begin to break free from any vibrational boundaries or bondage she may have been suffering from. You can be intentional about this practice and make a list of the places you will go to meet new people and step into their vibrational field with a greeting or a simple smile.

A small warning: Don't mind all the false reasons the ego will give you in order to keep your soul starving from love and keep your self bond to unreasonable limitations.

The Teaching of Alain and Danielle

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