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Energy Centers & Life Work

How do you know the work you have come on earth to do? The purification and opening of the seven energy centers in the human body hold the answer to the question. Your seven energy centers in the human body are referred to in the Symbolic Writings of The Bible as the seven spirits of God, or seven torches of fire, or the seven eyes of God (Read Revelation 1: 4, Revelation 3: 1, Revelation 4: 5, and Revelation 5; 6). The Indians call them "chakras".

In Ezekiel 28: 14-16 these seven energy centers were symbolically referred to as "stones of fire" and must be taught as a basic knowledge any person who is a serious student of Spirituality--not a superficial religion..

Spirituality is Sacred Knowledge and Sacred knowledge demands initiation. That's why "religion" as defined in our modern world is causing a lot of division and damage on the planet because most people are getting a degree to teach what can only be given by revelation through initiation. Anyway. Let's continue.

When you choose to have a business-any type of business as your life work, the first question you must ask yourself is what kind of vibration you have come to deliver on planet earth. That vibration is sealed within the seven energy centers in your body.

Notice that we did not talk about your talents, your calling, your gifts, your purpose, or your earthly assignment. We did not do so because that's not where you start. Most people make of their life work a challenge they have been through and open a non-profit organization or study in the field of the challenge they have overcome to make it their life work. It is still a nice service to humanity. But, this may not be your life work at all.

The reason a lot of people are still clueless as to what they have come to deliver on earth and those who have an idea are not too sure is because they are trying to find a "thing" instead of a vibration locked inside their seven energy centers before they came on earth.

Anyone can do any business or "life work" to help others and make a lot of money. But that does not mean they are feeling fulfilled. Until they unlock the seven energy centers, true fulfillment will never come. And in the process of unlocking those energy centers you get to grow and develop spiritually. This makes spiritual awakening mandatory rather than a religious luxury or exercise.

There is a different kind of life force inside the seven energy centers. It is called "Eternal Life" in scriptures. It is the upgrading power of the elemental life that flows in the physical body and in our psyche. When this Eternal Life is unleashed, our spiritual eye energy center as well as our heart energy center begin to reveal to us the vibration we have come to deliver on the planet as a soul.

People are investing their money, time, and energy into so many complicated practices to open those energy centers of cleanse them with no result. However, there is a very simple exercise anyone can do--which we have taught in our spiritual program AURAGRAM--that can lead you to the opening and cleansing of the energy centers at the same time; including the cleansing of your aura.

There are seven toxic energies called sins that clog the seven energy centers in the body: Pride, Deception, Envy, Fear, Lying, Anger, and Self-Exhortation . Prophet Isaiah in the Bible revealed the seven spirits or energy centers in man in his own understanding in Isaiah 11: 2:

The spirit of the Lord which resides dominant in the center of our skull and forms a crown of glory around our head when fully awakened. It often looks like a halo and is often shown in painting of saints. It is clogged by the energy of pride.

The spirit of wisdom which is the EYE of God in us that helps us perceive deeper into reality. It is our spiritual eye. It is clogged by deception which is to make others perceive something that is not true. The spirit of wisdom is an energy center located in our pineal gland pointing in the direction between our eyebrows.

The spirit of understanding which is in our throat area is the power of communication both audibly and aurically (via our aura). When it is a awakened our words are charged with Eternal Life vibration to create and heal. It is clogged by Envy.

The spirit of counsel which is in our heart center is the house of love where true guidance comes from a place of compassion for others. It is clogged by fear; for the opposite of love is fear. Perfect love or Love fully awakened will cast out this energy of fear.

The spirit of might is located in the solar plexus. The dictionary defines the solar (sun) plexus as a complex of ganglia and radiating nerves of the sympathetic system at the pit of the stomach. There is a strength that comes from that area that is beyond our natural daily strength especially in times of emotional challenges. This center is clogged by lying. We become spiritually weak through lie since lying makes our conscience weak as well. There is nothing we do that does not create energy or a feeling.

The spirit of knowledge is located right above the belly button. That's the house of our creativity or inspiration. It gives us a knowingness that cannot be explained to do things we have not learned and which our intellect cannot understand. It is clogged by anger.

The seventh spirit is the spirit of the fear of the Lord or reverence to God. It allows us to feel safe and secure. When it is clogged by self-exhortation we become very insecure, afraid, and a bully.

These toxic energies can be removed is the most simplest way: Enthusiasm. Once these seven toxic energies are removed, one is free and has clarity. Through what we have taught called vibrational alignment, we have seen people experience great levels of ENTHUSIASM which lead them to know and see their life work.

15 minutes of vibrational alignment daily for 90 days to awaken Enthusiasm is enough to completely cleanse and purify the energy centers as well as your aura for clarity and great achievements.

But what most people don't understanding is that such an enthusiasm is the stirring and the awakening of the Eternal Life inside the seven energy centers. Enthusiasm is a mystical vibration that elevates man's consciousness into the ultimate vibration of Love. The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word "enthous" which means to be possessed by God [(a god) according to the dictionary)].

Once Eternal Life or God is awakened through enthusiasm in the core of the seven energy centers, it rises within the human psyche and body as well as the brain as a feeling of joy, bliss, or happiness or feeling extremely good. Yet, this enthusiasm has its real name: God or Christ or the Holy Spirit.

You see, the seven spirits of God or the seven energy centers are stones of flame or fire. When they are awakened, they become a single line of light moving through your spine that shoot through the center of your skull to create an energy flame called the Pentecostal flame or the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is this flame that turns you into a house of fire for the work you have come to do on earth, the vibration you have come to serve the planet.

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