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Don't Turn The Universe Against You

Sometimes life can become so tough "on us" that we become tired of everything and everyone around us and we just want to go somewhere to be alone and completely isolated.. But there is one thing we forget: No matter where we go, we will always go with ourselves.

No one has ever died of a snake bite. People die of the progressive effect of the venom inside their body. You see, the snake bite is just like pain. The venom is what we call suffering. The pain does not kill us. The suffering does. And here is the crazy thing: We create the suffering. We create the venom.

When your peace of mind, your joy, and your desire to love and care for others and create well-being on the planet begin to die, that is you dying. Because what you really are is represented by those energies of love and expansion of goodness for all.

Gautama Siddhartha will say that pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. We know you could be saying right now that "who in their right mind will choose to suffer?" Well, there is what you call unconscious choice due to the absence of the right knowledge. Ignorance is deadly. But ignorance is not the absence of knowledge. It is the absence of the right knowledge; for ignorance is knowing something, but the wrong or insufficient thing.

Unconscious choice means you are choosing to suffer without knowing you are choosing to suffer until someone shows you the right knowledge about suffering like we are about to do so right now.

What is suffering? It is the wrong perspective you have of pain that blinds you from seeing yourself and what you are really dealing with. And until this false perspective of pain is removed from your psyche, your pain will follow you no matter where you go or how far you go. You may have moments of relief but never a full healing; until you are able to see the truth.

Here is the ultimate truth to come out of suffering: There is only you and the universe. Did you read that? Please read it again: There is only you and the universe. This is a cardinal truth that when ignored causes people to turn the universe against them.

What does this truth mean? Pay attention. Pay serious attention.

  1. Everyone in your life is the universe.

  2. Everything in your life is the universe.

  3. And the universe is your mirror

Please read the above three lines again. You must get this to end all sufferings. Let's break it down for you even deeper.

The Universe is your mirror

When you stand in front of a mirror, what does it do? The answer is: it does everything you do. Did you get it? That's the meaning of the universe is your mirror. It imitates you. Draw near to it and it will draw near to you. It will do what you do. Move away from it, and it will move away from you. Now, let's go deeper.

Everything in your life is the universe

The universe does not know a thing or a concept. The universe only knows itself. It does not know whether something is wrong or something is right for you. It only knows itself and how you react to it. You hate your job? You are hating the universe.

You hate your marital life? You are hating the universe. You hate your body? You are hating the universe. There is only you and the universe. Are you getting it? Every reaction you have toward anything is toward the universe and what you sow you shall reap.

Every reaction is an energy you put out. The universe does not care about you being right or wrong. It only gives back to you what you put out. Period. Do you remember? It is a mirror. It does what you do. Let's dive deeper.

Everyone in your life is the universe

You think you are hating your enemy? Think again. You are hating the universe. You think you are outsmarting people or tricking them or manipulating them? You have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You are literally trying to trick the universe. What an audacity? God cannot be mocked.

There is only you and the universe in the whole vast world. You think you are resenting your uncle or your parents or your friends? Think again. You are resenting the universe straight. And what you send out, you will get.

You keep blaming others? You are blaming the universe. You keep blaming yourself? You are blaming the universe. Are you getting this? Until you stop this ignorant madness, all sorts of misfortunes will continue to happen to you. The attitude of "if you help me, I will help you", is one of the worse to perpetuate suffering.

The other attitude is: "I helped this person when they needed help. Now it is my turn and they are not supporting me." Really? Keep that attitude and watch your suffering increase. Remember: There is only you and the universe. You are talking about the universe in this way as though it owes you something and you are sowing an energy or a vibrational seed into the universe. There will be a harvest.

King David said to "The Lord" or Law (Cosmic Law), "Against you and only you have I sinned." Do you get it. Understanding this is the true meaning of humility. It will end your suffering immediately because your attitude toward pain will immediately change. If you go on saying, "This is unfair to me," you just called the universe unjust or unfair. Here we go again with the cycle of suffering. When will you wake up to the truth and submit to it?

Are you waiting on people to change before you change? Well, you are dealing with the universe. Do you remember? There is only you and the universe. You want to stay away from people and be alone because of resentment and bitterness? Well, you are asking the universe to take you out.

The moment you submit to this truth, your ego will die, and a new light will appear in your eye or perception. You will feel so free and will know what to do to redeem yourself and your life from suffering. You have been handed here a secret. The fear (careful awareness) of the Lord (Cosmic Law) is the beginning of wisdom (Enlightenment).

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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1 Comment

Simple truth that I’ve instantly applied has me thinking so differently about life, myself and others. Truly unlimited in every capacity desired. My CUP ( consciousness of unlimited potential ) is cleaned to truly enjoy. Thank you Alain and Danielle

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