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Decoding Dreams Interpretation

Every dream can be interpreted. The universe counts everything the mind creates and can create as a dream--anyway; and you will soon understand what we mean by that. But, do not underestimate dreams. They are more than what most people make of them. Dreams are psychic vibrations that can impact one's life-trajectory in the most significant way.

"I have been interpreting dreams and guiding people through their dreams since I was 12" Alain Dagba "After seeing countless of people change the trajectory of their lives for the better through Alain's ability to interpret dreams, we know for sure that dreams are very important phenomenon to explore. " Danielle Dagba

First, you need to understand what dreams are. In scriptures and most ancient religious texts, dreams have been given great emphasis as spiritual experiences. We dream in various ways that we don't often count as a dream. For example, If you have a vision in mind for your future, a goal, or an idea you want to see happen in the future, that's a dream.

If you create a perfect lie of any kind in your own mind to either fool others or to get out of an embarrassing situation, that is also a dream. If you assume anything that you have no proof of, that is a dream. Assumptions are dreams. If you are a writer who creates stories that are pure fictions, that's also a dream.

The above examples are dreams we dream with our eyes open. You may think they may not need interpretation. Trust me they do. They have the blueprint of the soul that is creating them. They are speaking about who you are, where you have been, and where you will be in the future.

The universe considers everything the mind can create as a dream. As long as it has an image or can be made into an image with a certain forms of belief, it is a dream. Now, when you are in a sleep state, you have a different type of dream. You simply fall asleep here and on the flip side of your consciousness called the unconscious, you wake up and begin to live another life. Dreaming asleep is living in the unconscious realm.

How do you know if you are not sleeping in the unconscious right now dreaming this reading moment--right now? How do you know you are not in a dream right now? What if you were the dream of your unconscious self asleep right now from another dimension? Have you ever thought of that? And when the other-you on the other side happens to end his or her sleep you wake up here.

Don't think the self in the dream is different from the self dreaming the dream. In your sleep state you have two types of dreams:

  1. Subconscious dreams which we call insights.

  2. Super-conscious dreams which we call vision.

Your subconscious dream is often a warning, a suggestion, or an advice from your subconscious mind concerning the life you are living in your wakeful state.

Your super-conscious dream is often a message from your higher self, from angels, or from the astral realm concerning your life mission or an earthly agenda relating to an event the earth will experience in the future.

When you have a dream, the first thing to do in order to decode the interpretation of the dream is to identify if the dream is from your sub-conscious mind or your super-conscious mind. For example, if you dream that you are climbing a tall tree to reach something above, ask yourself if there is any project you are involved in at the moment that will take you to the next level (above) in life or in your career. If the answer is YES, then you are dealing with a subconscious dream.

The tree you are climbing in your dream will later on manifest as a person who will help you reach your highest next level (above) or as an event such as a promotion or a change that will turn into your advantage. The subconscious mind simply uses the tree as a symbol to speak to you.

In dreams you never want to get caught up in the appearance of things or the pictures of the people you see. Things are not as you see them but as you perceive them. If you dream of yourself drowning, when you wake up, ask yourself if there is any decision at hand that you were trying to make. It could be a contract you are going to sign, or a new partner in business, or any new decision you are about to make. That could be your subconscious mind reflecting your fear of failure.

So, detecting which realm the dream is coming from is huge for an accurate interpretation. Knowing the realm the dream is coming from is what we call decoding. If the dream is not giving you any clue of any current situation you are involved in, then you need to look for its interpretation in the realm of the super-conscious mind. Often time, your subconscious dreams are the reflections of your deepest feelings, moods, beliefs, and unresolved issues.

Dreams can save your life and give you clear directions when you know how to read them. Your dream-self travels to many places when you are sound asleep. In your wakeful state you may end up going to places your dream-self has already been. You often call it a Déjà vu.

When you have any dream, what you do upon awake is more important. The dream is a gift and there is a way to write it called scripting that will allow you to ask the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind for more details and you will have another dream explaining the previous one you are trying to understand.

The dream world is an amazing device for psychic communication. You can actually change your life's situation by rephrasing a dream and reconstruct it and lucidly dream it at will seven times consecutively to alter your real life experience.

The Teachings Of Alain and Danielle

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