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Dance With God - The Cosmic Banquet Never Stops

Dance our dearest! Dance! The cosmos is the dance floor. God awaits behind the illusion of all the forms you behold. Your lover and your creator is wrapped up in communities of lights. Did you say you can't see HIM? Yet HE sings in the sounds of the birds and the violin of the winds. See HER rise in your awareness that even your ears are eyes to your soul. What you hear is what you see.

Can you catch the song of the birds before it continues in silence. Before the song reaches the lights that make up the garment of your lover, your creator? Look! Have you ever seen a tree unhappy? Have you ever seen the sun anxious? The entire creation is dancing at the cosmic banquet with God. Why don't you come to the dance that requires no movement?

Dance our dearest. Dance! There is no need to plan a dinner. Everything is been served in the light. The Cosmic Banquet has never stopped. Dive your eye beyond all forms and eat the hidden manna offered to you. Does isn't it taste like joy? . Close your eyes so that you may see. Everything around you is light. Step into the banquet hall without moving a single step. You are standing on the dance floor and in the dance flow.

Rise in your awareness to this place where everything else in creation has already began to dance. Leave for a moment the troubles of your mind. A pebble thrown in the river cannot disturb the everlasting peacefulness below the water. Dive our dearest dive. Dive deep into the awareness of all things being light.

You are part of the cosmos as the cosmos is part of you. Everything is light as everything is the body of your lover, your creator. Come to the dance floor. Flow with the music of your own breath. For this moment, just for this moment, let all things become quiet in your world of forms. Escape this prison of concepts and shapes. Come to the dance floor.

Take a seat on the seven thrones of fire made of rare stones laid in the golden river that runs through your body. Let them bath you in their flames of love filled with the thousands mystical faces of the rainbow. The entire creation is performing a concerto of Hallelujah to your name. Can you hear it. Dance our dearest. Dance! It is for this celebration this new day has come. It is for this celebration that the face of fear has vanished from the beginning into the ocean of bliss. Dance with God.


The Musical Revelations From Meditation

By Alain and Danielle

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